1. ridenby

    What did you do to your Dodge today?

    I changed the headlight housings on 2007 3500.
  2. ricekrispyota

    Steering shaft extension question

    I have a 3” body lift on my 99 dodge Ram 1500 which requires the use of a steering shaft extension. This was all installed by the previous owner. There is a lot of play (1/4”) coming from the steering box end of the extension. I can’t tell if if on the extension side or the input shaft from...
  3. RamRunner Refresh

    Original build was done by an awesome local shop whose owner I'm friends with (Predator Off-road) with the intentions to make a big dumb truck go way to fast in things it should never be doing. And it does I've been abusing it for 7 or so years now and its time for a little refresh...
  4. 77fixer

    2000 Dakota clicking in reverse

    My neighbor has a 2000 Dakota. Has 4.56 gears that were swapped 4-5 yrs ago and the factory limited slip. Over the last few days he's noticed a noise from the rearend. He had me briefly listen to it when I ran into him in town. It is only in reverse and more noticeable when turning. It's what I...
  5. cj3a

    DEF pump 2016

    Looks like my 2016 needs a new DEF pump. OEM is around 1400. Amazon is around 300. Anyone have any experience with this mess?
  6. 17 Ram 3500 winch q's

    2017 Ram 3500 with a Mercenary Offroad front bumper and a Warn M12000. Well...the winch is mounted, but the control pack was going to hit the intercooler. Has anyone relocated the control pack under the hood, then moved the wired remote plug in to an accessible spot? I had to clock the...
  7. fabandfirewood

    d250 runing awful and skipping after pump removed

    93 dodge d250 tapet cover was leaking really bad and I pulled the pump in the process to replace it with a billet replacement. put it back together, and it ran perfectly but still leaked. pulled it again and fixed the leak but now it has a skip on acceleration, blow by, and seems to be geting...
  8. 24 valve belt alignment

    Has anyone had accessory drive belt misalignment issues at the ac compressor? Truck in question is a 2005 3500 2wd standard cab The compressor is one groove forward and the belt jumps back and then destroys itself. New belts, new tensioner, new fan drive. Checked the dampener for a bad rubber...
  9. Gen 2 Ram Rear axle clunk

    Thought that it was my U-Joints, well I was wrong for those that know, what am I getting into here? I am trying to prepare for the repair, I have just never done a rear end before cliffs: 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel/Auto 4x4 all stock other than the required maintenance 300+k miles some of you...
  10. Throttle lag

    08 Dodge with the 6.7L Didn't realize it was that bad till we were screwing around leaving work trying to out rev the kid on his fancy pants Hardley motorsickle. Dead leg stab the go pedal and it takes a good half second to respond and ramp up, then a good 2+ seconds to rev back down. Been...
  11. ricekrispyota

    Oil pressure drops to zero when coming to a stop

    1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 251,000 miles. Last week when driving the truck, I was coming to a stop and my oil pressure gauge dropped to zero and the check gauges light came on. When I accelerated from the stop it immediately returned to normal. I now happens every time I'm coming to a stop (~900...
  12. Thumping

    1978 Dodge 300 automatic transmission.

    We picked up a truck the other day to use to haul some logs (will be installing a flat bed). It has the 440 automatic transmission. I think its a 727 trans but I'm not 100% positive. Whats a tell tell indication that's what it is (I've never messed with a Dodge truck). It is a 3 speed. Pic of...

    1989 W250 With Service Bed

    So here is the short of the long. Sold the jeep the dealer took the ZR2 back after blowing it up at about 80mph on the interstate. Then I bought a ram 1500 trailer and RZR. Nothing special about the ram 1500. It was what they had on the lot during covid and I needed a truck... Its a 2022...
  14. Wheelin66bronco

    07 Dodge 2500 4.30 gears

    I just swapped to 4.30 gears in my 07 2500, previous was 3.73. My question is on the speedo correction. I run a smarty touch, which had ABS/speedo correction. I'm running 37x12.50-18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. With the 3.73's I had the smarty set to 35.5" tire to get correct speedo tested by GPS...
  15. CDA 455 II


    Southernfriedcj8 made a claim of Dodge Ram trucks being good trucks. Rather than derail that thread I figured I'd start a new dedicated thread on the subject. I'm not a Ram truck fan at all/don't know anything about them. In a few years I will be in the market for a 4X4 chassis cab truck. I've...
  16. rockdog57

    Dodge Dana 60 kingpin slug problem is

    So I put 35 spline drive slugs on my son’s rig when I built it. I can’t remember who made em. Macs comes to mind. Hell I can’t remember. Anyway, he recently changed beadlocks and we took off the two inch spacers off and sold em with the old wheels. This has made the aluminum caps held on with...
  17. IowaOffRoad

    NV4500 Rebuild manual and parts diagrams 2023-04-03

    Click Download, .pdf of NV4500 rebuild manual. Pictures are exploded parts diagram
  18. ricekrispyota

    Need contact info

    I’ve been trying to contact Dodge Off Road about an order I placed for almost a week now via email, their website messenger and phone. No one is answering or responding to the messages. Is this typical? Does anyone have another way to contact them?
  19. Johann

    NC 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad cab 4x4 NOT RUNNING SOLD This has been a planned project for some time. Needs a new home.
  20. TRINDU

    97 dak crank no start

    Bought a genuine POS for the engine. Want to get it running before I tear it apart. Was told replaced clutch and never ran since. 1997 dakota 5.2L 5spd 4x4 Fresh battery, It will crank all day. Gauges dont work, but all the idiot lights come on and off. After ~10 seconds the odometer starts...
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