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Jun 28, 2023
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Hey everyone.

I thought I would kick off a built thread/updates and wheeling pic’s as I go.

I picked up a pretty stock 1979 dodge single cab 1/2 ton pick up this summer.

The original goal was to have it ready to wheel for the thanksgiving week out at Johnson valley. And….. everyone bailed. 😂

Either way I wanted to build a new rig after selling my previous Jeep the winter before.

First pic is how I picked it up. Ran like crap! But the price was right.

I really like the full size invasion guys and got to go on a run with them before. So this was a great start to be in the “ cool crowd “

Second picture is the truck currently.

Cut 14” out of the frame behind the cab. Got me to 120” wheelbase.
-got rid of the 727/203 combo.
-added a NP435 and ford 205.
-1995 ford f350 axles.
-fitech efi
-some cheap 39s
-56” leafs up front
-63” leafs on rear
-and a little bit of a roll bar.

It still has some quirks which is to be expected for a quick 4 month build.

But now the fun starts. Of making it a capable off road rig that’s going to be unique and more my style.

Many things too come.
-narrowed cab
-making it safer and more reliable.
-and since my gf asked for it. Links and coilovers as I can find some deals.


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Even with the current leaf springs and shocks. I assume there can be a good amount of force on the shock hoops. I made a bar to support the hoops to each other. And some tabs. I know I could have ordered tabs, but occasionally it’s nice to see if you can just make it yourself. Plus I didn’t want to wait since I had some time today.


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Sweet rig!
Thanks man. I’ll try and show more of it as I keep posting.

The Christmas week should be pretty good. I’ll have some extra time to start narrowing a cab. And get ready to swap it on. Then it should be a lot rock trail friendly. This thing is huge
Narrowing the cab will be sweet. How much are you planning on taking out of it?
Narrowing the cab will be sweet. How much are you planning on taking out of it?
I haven’t fully decided. Right now I’m thinking 13” out of the middle. And then dove nose the front end a little on top of it all.

Have you seen dimepieceoffroad on IG.

He did a square body cab narrowed 10” but sadly never finished it. It’s worth a look.
Ah yes, just checked up on the IG guy. I know of a couple others that narrowed blazers. The same out of the center but they aren't finished yet. That'll be sweet. I wouldn't imagine the dove nose needing to be much after taking that much out the center.
I like it. Not sure why but it gives me 2010-2013ish era vibes where things were kind of in a sweet spot of built heavy but simple and worked very well. Definitely following to see how the build and narrowing goes
how do you like the FITECH ?
So far it’s great. It runs the engine good. It always seems to self adjust as needed.

But it does seem to draw some power when it sits a while. Which I do believe the state in the paperwork. So maybe twice now it would t start due to low voltage.

And I can’t seem to save the gauges I want on the display. ( honestly might be user error ) lol
Yesterday was very cool.

The cab is right about 79” wide.
We measures out 13” in the middle.

Cut it out and narrowed it.

It will be a good chunk of work to get it fully back together. Plus I want to take off about 4” off the bottom. To raise the rock sliders up. And I think it will help the over all look a little, so it’s not narrow and super tall looking.
Seat narrowed as well.

Once I can get the fire wall ready. It should be good to go on the truck too figure out the rest


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Pix first


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It’s been a busy week or two working on this cab and frame.

It was such a good feeling when it fit just right


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as a fellow owner of a 79: the sideways body shop throws me off a bit but looks very well done. its one of those proportion things that i cannot put my finger on, similar to a chopped top.

are you raising the floor or boatsides?
as a fellow owner of a 79: the sideways body shop throws me off a bit but looks very well done. its one of those proportion things that i cannot put my finger on, similar to a chopped top.

are you raising the floor or boatsides?
I did cut the rockers out, along with a good chunk of metal below the grill. And used 2x6 as the rock sliders. The narrowness of the cab does throw off the proportions tho. I agree with that. But I’m really excited to see how it looks all back together.


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It steers again. 😂😂

A little more cage work. A lot of wiring. And it should be ready for a test drive around the block. Than ready for the last weekend of Mudfest KOH


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I did cut the rockers out, along with a good chunk of metal below the grill. And used 2x6 as the rock sliders. The narrowness of the cab does throw off the proportions tho. I agree with that. But I’m really excited to see how it looks all back together.
i think you're killing it, rockers look good too!
i think you're killing it, rockers look good too!
Thank you. It’s has been such a cool new build. I can’t wait for phase 3-4 and 5 😂😂


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Have fun at KOH maybe jump in on a podcast or two. Miss your and Mike's bullshit.
I am trying to meet up with jason while I’m there. Let’s see if they are up for it.

Thanks though. Once in a while mike and I talk about doing a little multi part mini series of podcasts. Do some updates. Let the world know Mikes life drama 😂😂😂
A few trips around the block in the evening.

Everything seems to be working properly again.

Wiring is cleaned up better in the engine bay. Thank goodness.

Oh. It’s loud 😂😂

Added a muffler. Made it 5% quieter.

Removed all glass. Made it 85% louder in the cab 😅

I’ll narrow the windshield and work on a rear window when we’re back from wheeling at KOH this weekend


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Holy crap. KOH is a shit show. 😂😂

But it was bad ass to get a little wheeling in. The truck did so good. Sadly the last day I lost all spark. Cheap HEI distributor left the chat. Lol.

But it made for a really cool little recovery of chocolate thunder on Sunday.

We had power. Gas. Just zero spark.


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Koh pics


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Got to try my skills and cutting glass. Talk about an interesting time. Lol.

It’s actually fairly simple. But man it seems like it’s a high risk for breaking the windshield completely. We got pretty lucky and only split a corner, which was getting polyurethaned anyways. Perfectly fine and now you can’t even see it. Plus the little corner crack ran off the edges at both sides.

Why not do some extra rock lights. It gets pretty warm in AZ. Nothing fancy or expensive. Just a couple wide beam ebay lights. Works perfectly.


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Really good day out wheeling in Arizona.

The truck is flexing great. And FINALLY the NWF Black Box arrived.

So it’s time to get busy before the next wheeling trip. 19days and counting.


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FINALLY. doubler time.

Holy crap. 12 week estimated lead time.

And it took 5 months to arrive. But it’s here. So it’s time to get it installed.

With the np435 / black box / 205 combo.

I’ll have 150:1 crawl ratio. Which was much needed. It felt like full speed rock racing so far. Lol.


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love this build. buddy did a narrowed Chevy and its just so cool to see a Dodge done up too
love this build. buddy did a narrowed Chevy and its just so cool to see a Dodge done up too
It would be cool to see. Do you have a link or picture. I absolutely love this build. It’s not the best or the fastest. But it’s cool and works pretty good already.
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