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  1. Glakeler


    Truck info: 2003 Ram 2500 CCSB 5-speed NV4500 trans NP 271 transfer case Previous Set up: AAM 9.25 w/ thuren truss and Synergy C gussets Synergy long arm kit Synergy Steering Synergy track bar 16" Fox 3.0 IBP coil over Cheapo daystar poly bumps New Set up: Ford Super Duty 60 w/ custom truss...
  2. Sean

    Will 2nd Gen Ram2500 Rear D60 Spindle Clear a 1.5" Shaft?

    1994-2002 Dodge Ram 2500s with the V8 came with D60 rears apparently. I'd assume these are the 30 spline 1.31" diameter shafts and not the 35 spline 1.5" shafts most of us would want. So the question is: Is the spindle bore large enough to just swap in 1.5" shafts if you're already in there...
  3. Ram 2021 6.7 cummins modification

    Will a dealer still do recall work on a "modified" truck.
  4. philofab

    Dodge 2500 10.5 Anti-spin differential

    I'm trying to find a decently cheap rear disc brake axle for my new project wider than the 14 bolts I have. I found that the 03+ Ram 2500 10.5 is 71-72" wms. Is the 2006 Dodge AAM 10.5 factory Anti-spin differential a clutch or gear type? Will it be usable with 39" tires in a offroad...
  5. philofab

    IFS GM gears in Dodge AAM 9.25 front axle

    I'm trying to put 5.38s in a 2005 Dodge 2500 9.25 axle. My understanding is you need a spacer to run IFS GM front gears to get this ratio. No big deal. But I happen to have 4 or 5 9.25 IFS front diffs laying around. Can I just steal the carrier from one of those to avoid a spacer? If I buy a new...
  6. u2slow

    3.7/4.7L heads... How bad is too bad?

    So the jeep has suffered a dropped valve seat. I dig into the spare engine (blown HG) to steal that cyl head. Its distorted between the cyls to let a .0025" feeler gauge pass under it. Is this realistically going to seal with a new HG? Any HG's better than others? (Most are mls 3 layer steel)...
  7. ricekrispyota

    Np231 speedometer question

    I currently have an NP231 DHD in my truck. I also have an NP231D that came with the speedo hole on the housing. I'm looking to swap the rear axle (not to the one I asked about a couple weeks ago), but the possible transplant axle does not have a speedo hole/plug where the current speedo plug is...
  8. Sluggy

    CA 70s-93 dodge kingpin d60 housing only

    Basically have a bent housing and want to put all the guts in another good empty housing. Yes I know I could possibly straighten it out or build something out of a rear housing but I just need a bare GOOD condition front housing with carrier bearing caps. Located in the bay area, willing to...
  9. The Freeak

    Looking for a Dodge NP208 Input Shaft

    Hey folks, I'm looking for a dodge 208 input shaft. 23 spline. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  10. Thumping

    Whats a 78 ton dually worth these days?

    It's a 78 with a 440/727 auto. No rust except a little surface. Runs and drives great.
  11. MaximumMaxMax

    Patrick the will Crawl

    Hey everyone. I thought I would kick off a built thread/updates and wheeling pic’s as I go. I picked up a pretty stock 1979 dodge single cab 1/2 ton pick up this summer. The original goal was to have it ready to wheel for the thanksgiving week out at Johnson valley. And….. everyone...
  12. Source for a door?

    Looking for a passenger door for a 2008 Dosge 5500 single cab. I think 1500-5500 all use the same door? All the places I've checked said discontinued, out of stock, etc. Nothing in wrecking yards in state.
  13. Is it fucked?

    so, after wasting money on speakers(it does sound decent), and asking about tuners(thanks for the input, I'm passing right now), my 48RE started slipping in second towing a boat last Friday. If I'm easy on it, its fine, if i roll in the throttle, it will start slipping. I had some parts ordered...
  14. FC4X4

    CO B&W - GNRK1313 - Gooseneck Hitch for Dodge Ram For Sale

    $295 - Used B&W Gooseneck Hitch Model GNRK1313 7500LBS TONGUE WEIGHT - 30,000LBS TOW RATING Appx. 110LBS Located in Durango, Colorado. Looks like they're $590 new on Amazon. Fits: 2013 Ram 2500 Gas/Diesel Long/Short Bed - No Mega Cab 2010 - 2012 Ram 2500/3500 Gas/Diesel Long/Short Bed -...
  15. Any tuners still available?

    After getting everything back to spec on this truck, I'm trying to squeeze a little more mpg out of it. I've heard all the claims about cummins trucks making 50 mpg. Yea,I know it's bs. I'm getting 17 average. Stock 2006 5.9 24 valve. New stock injectors, new stock.pump. turbo is stock( don't...
  16. ricekrispyota

    Is this factory?

    I ask a lot of questions and I appreciate you guys being patient as I figure out this truck. Today's question is, did these spacers come from the factory or were they installed as a body lift by the PO? This picture is the front drivers side under the radiator/core support. Thanks I just...
  17. ricekrispyota

    Re-gear question

    I'm thinking about re-gearing and putting a locker in the rear of my Dodge. From 3.55 to 4.88. Can anyone give me a decent guess on the cost to have the whole thing done? For parts gears/new carrier (front)/locker (rear)/ and master install kit, I have it estimated to $1800. I think it will be...
  18. CO 2004.5 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 4x4, Northern CO

    2004 (04.5) Ram 2500 with the 5.9 H.O. Cummins (325hp/600tq). 235,xxx miles. In interest of full disclosure, I traded a land cruiser for this thing a few weeks back. Figured I'd drive it for a bit and see what all the cummins fanboy stuff is about. Don't know anything about it other than what...
  19. ricekrispyota

    UA 2023 Dodge Ram

    Does anyone know where I can find more info on the 2nd gen Dodge Ram that went on UA 2023? I saw some of the specs in the the Motor Trend article, but would like to know more. Thank you .
  20. 06 Mega Cab stereo

    Got an 06 daily driver 3500 5.9 Megacab. Been a long time since I've shopped stereos for cars. This thing needs some speakers. It has the stock radio. Its not the navigation center, it will be replaced at some time, but not now. Has the factory 7 speaker Infinity speakers. I'm no audiophile...
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