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Is this factory?


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Mar 7, 2022
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I ask a lot of questions and I appreciate you guys being patient as I figure out this truck. Today's question is, did these spacers come from the factory or were they installed as a body lift by the PO? This picture is the front drivers side under the radiator/core support. Thanks


I just watched a video and I'm thinking is not factory, but just want to make sure.
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That picture is high definition . This feels like a talk with my old man 🤣
Whoa there, don’t overwhelm us with the details…

That picture is high definition . This feels like a talk with my old man 🤣
Point taken. LOL. 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie SLT on 37" tires. I'm trying to confirm weather the spacers between the frame and the body are factory or not. I'm trying to figure out my funds to do some stuff and wondering if I can run a 5" lift and eliminate those spacers (if indeed they are just aftermarket body lift spacers and not a factory part). Here are some additional pics. Hope they help.




Never owned a Ram, but just judging from pictures it looks like it probably has a body lift on it.

Why don’t you pull up the part number for a body mount and compare? Or find a local vato zone and measure one? Or find a local junkyard and measure?
That does not look factory to me. Don't have one around me atm to reference but look up 2nd gen body mount on google images. But a factory body mount is typically just a bushing sandwiched in between the mounts and don't normally have a large pipe welded to one side.

Post up a build thread.
Judging by the space between bed and frame... yes it has a sweet body lift
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