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  1. Centering steering/ pitman arm

    putting a new ifs box on my samurai. When swapping my pitman arm, the flat one that I’ve been using had no alignment marks, bottom of sector shaft does. So I did my best guess to line up the pitman arm, and now the steering is off. It could also be off if my steering shaft is off a tooth as...
  2. Mike Honcho

    Hoses for hydro steering

    What’s the go to for hoses and fittings? Going to be running full hydro, Psc ram, cooler and resi. I watched Desertdogs video on this and he gets his stuff from Grainger. I want good shit that’s not going to fail. Psc kit is $...
  3. Power steering line orientation

    Is 1 the pressure, and 2 the return on the steering box? I hooked it up that way, but had to bend lines to make them fit, etc., and didn’t mark the old setup when removing it. Ignore the booger welded shock hoop, it’s destined for the scrap heap.
  4. MI TMR Universal Steering Ram Mount - $100

    Brand new TMR Universal Hydraulic Steering Mount. Decided to go a different direction, my loss your gain. Happy to ship, will ship in its original box that is 16"x11"x6" and weights 26lbs. Can provide a quote if you PM me your full address. Not on here a ton but will do my best to check...
  5. Tuesday steering question..

    Dum dum question. How much travel have people gotten with out going hydro on a stra8 axle? My junk is around 13 and it is getting hard to have everything play nice together. Just curious what others have found.
  6. NV Need this CJ steering wheel bracket

    This one shipped to 89444. Let me know what ya got..picture and price. Thanks.
  7. 2000 chevy Tahoe steering box swap

    Does any know if a Astro van box will bolt onto a 2000 Tahoe or Chevy truck? For moving my axle forward? Or any other box that will bolt on without having to remake mounting location.??? Thanks in advance.
  8. Arickvan

    Ttb steering?

    Y'all ever seen a steering setup like this? I saw it at the hammers this year
  9. Full Hydro Steering Filter

    I'm putting together a full hydro steering for my beater and I was thinking about a filter to use. I was thinking of using a remote oil filter https://derale.com/product-footer/filtration/universal/remote-filter-mounts/2-pass But then I was thinking it'll be so easy to fit a in-line filter...
  10. Camper Slave same old dodge problems

    It’s time to fix this truck, again lol. The truck needs ball joints and probably a steering box, again. Circa 2013/14 I rebuilt everything on the front end. Here’s the list. Non- center axle disconnect front axle Synergy ball joints - have been a problem since install, I think they...