1. Crashhawk

    04 2500 Steering head scratcher

    So, over the weekend I finally swapped out my steering box and shaft on my 04 2500 with Borgeson "upgrades". Got the "dodge box" and shaft to accompany it. Figured while I was up in there, I'd just replace the pump and res with a stock replacement Cardone outfit. Flushed and bled the whole...

    CA Full Hydro Steering PSC Howe

    PSC CBR SPX race pump, full machined billet housing, not the cheaper cast pump, non regulated, -16 inlet, same pump that the Bombers use and have been told this the same pump that Jesse has been using on the portals with the 3" Rockwell cylinders. Don't quote me on that one. $325 Howe 4” filter...
  3. MS JK Wrangler USA Standard Gear Steering Box

    Sold. Thanks
  4. Big4x4ride

    Jeep JK Power Steering Pumps

    Lets discuss Power Steering Pump options. To begin, I am running a 2014 JKU (3.6L) on Tons and 40's. Hydro assist using stock tapped box and PSC 1.75" x 6.75" ram. With the stock pump, steering worked, but left a bit to be desired at lower RPM's. Ended up ordered the PSC PK36JP1 power steering...
  5. Byro

    Steering 14 bolt

    Building a steering 14 bolt for a friend of mine. Figured since I acquired the lathe why not. Snagged a Mittler Bros alignment bar and pucks from Scummit scratch and sniff for $180. Spun up some alignment pucks for the tube ends and hub register. Not too shabby for my 3rd lathe project...
  6. Steering rack power assist in one direction

    Has anyone ran into a steering rack only giving power assist in one direction? Shitbox steers easy to the left but acts like manual steering to the right. Its not worth a new $250 steering rack to me, I doubt a fluid flush would do anything but may try it.
  7. Can someone identify this steering box for me?

    Its on an F100, which from the factory have a rear steer spindle. I picked up a set of '70's E350 spindles (Front steer, 1' King Pin)....and am curious about what box this may I can copy it :)
  8. Tcdawg

    Steering Coolers: Radial Dynamics vs Howe

    Radial Dynamics: Inline Finned Tube Cooler, 3 Howe: Howe 3 Anyone have expertise with these 2 steering coolers. They look similar but are priced quite different. Full Hydro set up, -8 lines Thanks!
  9. paulhead

    How much truth in this video about power steering pressure and application to my Hydro assist system?

    Been having an issue with air in my hydro assist system. 94 YJ, 4.0, 1.75 PSC ram and PSC pump. 25oz baffled vented reservoir. Bled the system a ton. Drove it around town no problems. As soon as I took it wheeling it starting whining after the second trail. Got home , redid some of the hoses...
  10. chaplinfj60

    polishing a turd... putting steering system from radial dynamics on my buggy

    so i decided to upgrade to double ended ram this winter and i am also tired of slow steering. or no power to move my tires. that lead me on a search for a good pump to move fluid. then that lead me down the path of research, of course there are a bunch but one just stood out from the rest...
  11. Full hydro steering issues

    A friend of mine has a 2002 F-250 with a 6.0L Powerstroke on 2006 Superduty axles on 44 x 19.5. When we did the axle swap he also switched to full hydro steering with a 2x8 inch single ended ram. It has never been able to turn left, which is the weak direction on his ram. last we checked the ram...
  12. Stevsie

    Power Steering Cavitation

    1985 22RE with stock steering other than an IFS box and high steer. I’m on my 3rd pump and every one of them foam my fluid up, blow bubbles, and scream like a banshee when I’m turning. I’ve bled my system six ways from Sunday with no luck. It just keeps puking fluid out of the cap. Can a bad...
  13. Landslide

    Electric power steering on a Samurai

    So I came across where they are installing a Toyota Prius :barf: electric power steering system into a Samurai. Has anyone on here done this and if so, how’s it holding up to off roading applications?
  14. LScout800

    More Flow out of Stock Steering Pump

    I burned up the power steering pump in my scout last weekend. I have a new pump sitting in a box I bought as a spare a while back, and was wondering how I can get more flow? Engine is just a 2003 5.3, and the pump is the same one that came with it from the junkyard plus a remote reservoir off of...
  15. Ford Power Steering Line Experts I need Help

    Swapping my 79 ford onto a 2006 Super Duty frame, details here: Buford 79 Ford My power steering to hydroboost lines are about 6" short, and I figured the best route was to just get the correct adapter from the Box, pump and hydroboost to JIC fitting and make my own lines, the idea being that...
  16. add on power steering

    Anyone add it to their atv or sxs before? Worth it? Use a kit? or OEM stuff? I see these kits and others advertised online. Hey looking for a Power Steering kit for your ATV or UTV? My son had been talking about this for a while. Seems like it is actually a pretty nice addition from...
  17. Steering gear reference

    Hey all, looking for a reference for steering gears, looking to do a set up kinda like the peck boys have done, outside the frame and a forward facing pitman arm... they used a bronco steering gear, but they're hard to come by it seems, so wondering what else may work in it's place. And most box...
  18. RunningProblem

    Saganaw steering box check valves

    Does anyone know where I can buy replacements? I lost one during a rebuild I did the other night and haven’t been able to find one. I might scrap the box and start with a new used junkyard unit if I can’t find them. Edit to include photo
  19. Bullitt1

    OH 2ND Gen Toyota 4Runner steering shaft

    Looking for a intermediate steering shaft for Gen2 4Runner really just need the splined section at the top of the shaft above the bellowed area.
  20. IowaOffRoad

    Dropped pitman, raised steering arm, or offset drag link? D44/10B steering discussion

    Figured this belonged in the newb section. I haven't kept up with "best practices" on steering correction on non-crossover steer vehicles. I'm sure there's plenty of opinions on this but I'd like to see if there's a consensus. Wanting to go the best way on my budget '90 sub, but think this...
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