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add on power steering

Had one on a 2013 Ranger. Worked nice.
SuperATV is the most cost effective I've dealt with and works almost as good as OEM stuff for way less.
I put the SATV kit on my 900s when I had it. was pretty simple. hardest part about it was getting the stock steering shaft off the input shaft on the steering rack. not a lot of room to get in there. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE STEERING NUT WITH AN IMPACT! it will fuck up the electronics.
Same principle just a little less room to work. Makes a huge difference on either, I wouldn't buy a non-eps ATV or SXS myself after driving them with it.
I was looking at this one.


For an ATV.

My son really wants a grizzly 700 with EPS, the kit is $700 and EPS models seem to run a lot more than that and there are a lot more non eps atvs to choose from.

Basically he can get a better machine for less money if he is willing to do the add on eps.

I just don't know anything about them.
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