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  1. cadman929

    99-04 unit bearing brakes for 609 build

    So been scratching my head im looking for some info on brakes to use on my 609 i know theres the branik leagacy stuff but im cheap and dont want to drop $1900 on brakes. So what i have is a trailgear 9” housing, 99-04 sd 60 knuckles, stock unit bearings machined to 5x5.5 and im looking for some...
  2. arse_sidewards

    triple caliper bracket for 99-04 Superduty brakes 2023-12-20

    Fits stockish sized rotor and 4.5" tube.
  3. NH GM Corp 14B 13"x3.5" drum brakes

    Good backing plates, drums and shoes. Was on a C&C axle, but will fit any that took the largest drum brakes they stuck on a 14B. 100 plus the ride, which wont be cheap. They don't make the backing plates anymore.
  4. patooyee

    Anyone know anything about trailer brakes?

    I have an equipment trailer that is 2 years old and the brakes have NEVER worked well on it. I've been relentlessly working on them to no avail. I've been using this trouble shooting guide, which I think has some errors, but is a cut and paste of all other trouble shooting articles I can find...
  5. granitestatedestroyer

    best cheap(er) trailer brakes

    I've got to replace the brakes on my trailer. 7k dexters. any suggestions for brake sources? I know, buy it nice or buy it twice, but there's got to be a balance between quality and affordable. I see there are 360/per pair brakes on e-trailer, or 216 for 4 brakes on amazon. what have you used?
  6. FleshEater

    2010 Chevy Tahoe Soft Brakes

    The brakes on this turd have always been softer than I like. Well now they’re really soft. They go to the floor under hard braking. I just tore them all down today and bled every caliper until clean fluid came out. No hydraulic leaks. Now all clean fluid. I’m down to a vacuum leak. All I...
  7. No way

    Cutting brakes Q

    Planning to run right/left cutting brakes off a stock vehicle M/C through two solenoid valves. (line locks) But, being the tard I am, I got to thinking :homer: I wanted to plumb both MC outlets through a T-piece and then split left/right trough yet another T. The thought being that the MC is set...
  8. Brakes

    I must be a retard. I replaced brake pads and rotors. I squeezed the caliper pistons slowly and now I have no front brakes. I did not open the system. When I bleed I get one fluid push then nothing after that. Could I have pushed a small air bubble to the master cylinder? The prop valve doesn’t...
  9. Mattygwheeler

    CNC Inc Cutting brakes

    CNC inc shut down shop a while back, who is making cutting brake MC's other than wilwood??
  10. Redneck turning brakes.

    Floating ideas on a future build. Toyota based light weight buggy. Mostly trail riding and rocks, no cone dodging. 2014 Tacoma rear axle. Why couldn't one utilize the E brake cables as turning brakes if not used often? On a super light rig they would grab plenty. Fabbing up levers with the right...
  11. 10.5 swap into an OBS/disc brakes

    Has anyone done this? I would like to swap the 10.5 to get the Disc brake setup into my 95. I understand ring and pinion should swap since I need 4.11 and I do have the long pinion from 93 and newer currently. If you have done the swap, what did you do for a master cylinder? I have rear...
  12. YotaAtieToo

    New tech for old axles? (kingpin)

    As much as I'm a fan of the newer BJ stuff, I already have a kingpin axle, that got 70% of the shit I need on it. Brakes? Big brake kits: Ecgs, 13" rotors (isn't that the same as stock?) says 16s fit, doesn't say what application the rotors and calipers are...
  13. AlrightGuy

    06 Sequoia rear brakes not working.

    2006 Sequoia Limited, 4 wheel discs, factory rear air ride. Brake pedal just got soft one day and I found the rears weren't working. With the rear tires off the ground the brakes will hold at idle, nothing more. Rear pads were replace about a year before this started. So far I have replaced FL...
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