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06 Sequoia rear brakes not working.


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May 20, 2020
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2006 Sequoia Limited, 4 wheel discs, factory rear air ride. Brake pedal just got soft one day and I found the rears weren't working. With the rear tires off the ground the brakes will hold at idle, nothing more. Rear pads were replace about a year before this started. So far I have replaced FL caliper (found one piston frozen), front pads, flushed brake fluid. Today I found that with the rear brake line port on the master cylinder plugged the pedal was still soft/mushy so I put on a new master cylinder. Still no rear brakes. What the hell am I missing?
Well if you put a plug on the m/c port and still have a soft pedal, then it sounds like you got a bad m/c. That eliminates everything else in the circuit, so long as you made sure the m/c is well bled, like doing a "bench bleed" but still on the car.

Couple questions though, what method did you use to bleed the rear brakes? Did you use a vacuum or pressure bleeder? Or have someone step on pedal while cracking the lines? And what did the fluid look like coming out? If you already had a stuck caliper piston you probably got some nasty stuff in the fluid...
I bench bled the new MC. The old fluid was dark, that's why I flushed. The method was pumping the pedal through the bleeders.
If this has the abs pump on it you may have cracking the bleeder and turn ignition on and it will pump fluid ,
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