dana 60

  1. CA Dana 60 kingpin front axle

    Dodge Dana 60 kingpin front axles. Complete dually front axle with early outboard style hubs. 4.56 gears. Located in Grass Valley Ca.95945. $1300
  2. Grendel

    NH GM Dana 60 spring plate

    I have the passenger side, with the studs, want the driver's side. These have the bolt hole for the sway bar.
  3. B4Runner

    ISO dana 60 drive flanges or resource to get them

    Looking for some 8 bolt 30 spline external hub drive flanges. If anyone has any they are tired of looking at or know of a place where I could buy some it would be much appreciated
  4. NJ yukon grizzly locker dana 60 40 spline

    yukon grizzly locker YGLD60-4-40 dana 60 4.56+ gears 40 spline axle shaft. slight surface rust but appears to have never been installed. bought for an axle that was never built. $400 shipping available, pm for quote.
  5. Winchested

    Newb question. Dana 60 guts from 99-04 to 05+

    Can the carrier and gears direct swap over? Same bearings, carrier and pinion? Are inner seals diff? Friend has a built 99-04 arb etc, we are building a long arm LJ. Has a rear 67" 14 bolt. Just wondering if we shoukd save our selves work cutting off old truss before welding on new one...
  6. coil spring vs coil over Dana 60

    Anyone have any experience? I have had this idea nagging me for a long time. Having a hard time committing. Currently 1995 F350 Diesel 4x4. Reverse shackle but stock, oem springs. It is also has custom 4" lift. It rides okay, I think it rides really well for what it is. But I need to lower...
  7. cadman929

    99-04 unit bearing brakes for 609 build

    So been scratching my head im looking for some info on brakes to use on my 609 i know theres the branik leagacy stuff but im cheap and dont want to drop $1900 on brakes. So what i have is a trailgear 9” housing, 99-04 sd 60 knuckles, stock unit bearings machined to 5x5.5 and im looking for some...
  8. ponylake

    Dana 60 carrier shim starting point

    going to assemble a Dana 60 with a Zip locker, I dont have the shims from the old carrier what is a good starting shim stack?
  9. ponylake

    Dana 60 Pinion preload

    after I set the pinion preload in a Dana 60 and remove the yoke it loosens up is that normal? I get the shim stack on and torque the pinion it spins at 20" lbs when I remove the Yoke it gets loose
  10. holdmypocket

    Build Thread - 1978 F150 1-tons and 40s

    I've made enough progress to move this into a build thread and I also have some questions/need some sanity-checks at this point so here it is. I'm starting with a 78 F150 4x4 that I've put a new motor in (400), rebuilt transmission (C6), 2" lift with 33's and overall made into a solid driver...
  11. Covecrawler

    VA Rear axles. Ford 9”, dana 60, dana 61, Sterling 10.25. $100 each . 14b C&C $250 14b SRW $200 Winchester, VA

    I have around 20 axles total to sell. I bought them out of a field. Some have some water and rust. Most seem to be ok. Will need standard seals, bearings, brakes. 2) 4.10 C&C 14 bolt Chevrolet axles $250 each 1) 4.10 SRW 14 bolt. square body. $200 2-3) 3.54 Sterling 10.25 $100 each 1) dana 60...
  12. Mvanhelden

    CA 78-79 Ford Dana 60 Front

    Have for sale a 78’ Ford Dana 60 I rebuilt for a project years ago, never finished the truck and parted it. It’s got new 4.10 gears, new Kingpins and studs, Ballistic Fab springless high steer arms with tie rod, good condition Spicer hubs, new bearings seals and brake calipers/pads. The hubs...
  13. OR Artec one ton swap kit JK/JKU Dana 60 Superduty 05+ $875

    SOLD Artec one ton swap kit for JK or JKU using Superduty axle. I will be using a KP60, so this will not work for me. This is the 4 link Daystar bushing kit. Everything new, everything on the attached list is included. I can unwrap the plastic for inventory if needed. Rather sell locale...
  14. Grendel

    NH 2004 F450 Dana 60 inner knuckles

    I've been told they're the same as all other 1999 to 2004 Super Duty axles, but these are from a F450. Yes, it's a pair, IE left and right, in original paint, if it makes a difference... 100.00 plus whatever the shipping is.
  15. MI Nitro Locking Hubs for 35 spline Dana 60 (sold)

    One is brand new in the box, other was taken out of box and partly installed until I released there not right ones for the Dana 60 I'm building. Just trying to recoup some of the money I paid for them. 225 shipped anywhere in the US. You are being redirected... That's what they are.
  16. fl0w3n

    99-04 Dana 60 & 50 Tech

    I’m sure this thread won’t be nearly as popular as the 05+, but after some complaints in the other thread about muddling it with 99-04 discussion I figured at least start a small thread to consolidate info about these bastard child axles. If I quoted you or stole your info ...
  17. Loose Dana 60 Outer Pinion Race

    I finally got around to building the bare GM60 housing I’ve had forever and when I went to drive in the outer pinion race it drops in easily and has a couple thousandths of play. I think I know the correct answer to this which is the housing is trashed but is there anything to be done here? I...
  18. MI Yukon Dana 60 spool bnib

    Bnib Yukon Dana 60 spool. Part number #yp-fsd60-3-35. Going with a different locker. 200.00 obo shipped
  19. Gm Dana 60 alternative

    I have been looking for a front gm dana 60 without any luck. Is there any alternative besides settling for a Dana 44
  20. Wubsor

    CA TRADE - (my) Dana 60 5on5.5 Hubs and Rotors for (your) 8on6.5

    Like the title says, I have a set of Solid Axle Industries 5x5.5 Dana 60 Hubs and rotors. I thought I'd use them but I've decided I'd rather just stick with 8 lug. Anyone willing to trade straight across for some 8x6.5 hubs and rotors? I am willing to throw the caliper and caliper brackets in...
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