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The JK Contest Thread: Take 2.


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May 22, 2020
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So the intent of the original version was an attempt to entice the JKO crowd over to our lil’ sub-forum on here. Now we ain’t got no sub-forum on here no more … and my contest thread got lost in space. :eek:

Oh well. For the time bein’ at least, we still got us a jeep section. (I was afraid when the dust settled the only two categories were gonna be CHIT-CHAT and OTHER. :flipoff2:)

And despite bein’ computer-controlled, plastic-clad, grocery-gettin’, soccer-mom mobiles … a JK is still a jeep so we belong here. :smokin:

And I’m convinced there are folks that visit the sight to actu’ly see some 4x4 content rather than just read the mind-numbin’ dribble in chit-chat. So convinced in fact, that I’m puttin’ up cash fuckin’ money for the prize for this contest … a hun’erd dollar bill, that statistic’ly speakin’, most likely has trace elements of cocaine on it. Let’s give all the fine folks a lil’ somethin’ to read and look at.

A hun’erd dollar bill for a hun’erd posts.

A hun’erd legitimate posts that is. A legitimate post for this contest is defined as a post containin’ BOTH a 50-word minimum narrative AND a pic of somethin’ somehow, even loosely, related to a JK. Simple enough. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU ACTU’LY OWN A FUCKIN’ JK. Don’t want this to turn into a Google picture search clusterfuck just to try to snag the bounty.

Just like all my illegitimate young’uns tho … illegitimate posts are always welcome. They just won’t count towards the quest for a hun’erd. Enter as many times as ya like. If’n the quest for a hun’erd is completed before I die, I’ll use a random number generator to determine the winner. Winner must be a legitimate post … and can’t be me. Any and all donations to sweeten the pot will be gladly accepted.

And Mr. snout has done just that! He done tossed in a hun’erd dollar bill as well so the pot’s at 2 hun’erd bucks. :beer:

And Mr. Austin has requested we play tag with our posts here. Someone else can chime in on that shit ‘cause I ain’t played tag since I was in grade school. :confused:

So … let the game begin! :bounce2::bounce::bounce2:
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Let me start …

Gener’ly speakin’ … if’n a fella chunks enough money at somethin’ then his chances of unfuckin’ it are pretty decent. :smokin:

And that’s exactly what I did.

Plenty of JK’s out there on tons and 40’s with V8’s. But I took mine to a level even an old-school CJ-7 fan can appreciate. Only computer onboard is the stand-alone brain for the 6.7 stroker hemi. Interior’s all fuckin’ metal. And even a drop-down tailgate with the CJ-7 letterin’ surgic’ly implanted.

Here she is at K2 on a trail named ‘Most Wanted’ doin’ a lil’ flexin’ of the coilovers and stuffin’ the 40’s.

20190314_1 JK.jpg


ENTRY #1: Post #2 … that’s me. And the rules say I can’t win.
I feel like I've been here before.:flipoff2:

I guess we are starting back at the beginning again. That's ok, I like this idea to get the site some traction. I might be willing to throw in a can of cat food for the winner.:smokin:

Anyway, I have found that camera angle make a big difference in taking pictures of my junk that I'm not in love with.

Exhibit A...............................I think it looks just fine.

Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC01337.JPG Views:	0 Size:	712.4 KB ID:	89233

Exhibit B...........................not so fine.

Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC01335.JPG Views:	0 Size:	774.2 KB ID:	89234

Actually doesn't really matter how they look. When you only have one way to do it..............................................it's fantastic.
Oh, and I tagged this thread with jko and jk. If you look at the bottom of post #1, you'll see the tags thingy. If you click on that you can add whatever you want to tag the thread.

Don't ask me how to search tags........................still haven't figured out that part.
Someone had to sacrifice themselves for it and looks like Kevin took the bait... :flipoff2:
...........Anyway, I have found that camera angle make a big difference in taking pictures of my junk that I'm not in love with. ............

I am telling you, a couple cup holders and you have a bigger bar top than in my kitchen..

Does a quote and joke count as 50 words or do I actually have to type about my junk.

Here is my JK at full droop. I will be pulling the coilovers next to make sure my ram clears. Anyone want to help, everything on my rig is so heavy...


How much Ackermann does your front end have? That looks like a way more than 100%.
Whatever factory 1995 Ford Dana 60. The only thing that I changed was the tie rod to the ruffstuff over the knuckle y link.

I think between the balloon tires I have and the way took the photo.
who won the last one.

Please pay attention in class sir. The last one abruptly disappeared and therefore there weren't no winner. :shaking:

Kevin is unemployed with a jeep that's half finished and he's forced to eat cat food. Your sentiment for him not to win 2 hun'erd bucks seems a bit harsh. :flipoff2:
Here's my '09 sitting in my work parking spot. Yes that is also its home parking spot. I started working from home about a year before COVID, but now its much more common.
My handle is JKommuter because I convinced my wife this would be a good commuter vehicle and a family 4 door and put 187K miles on it doing just that. I made bumpers, won some blingy wheels, lifted it 2.5", 4:88s, rear e-locker, cut fenders etc... but I don't do much to it anymore so not much reason to post these days. (Reposting from original contest)
Click image for larger version  Name:	20200802_203615.jpg Views:	0 Size:	209.6 KB ID:	90640
Well I'm about to start my own boring build thread. It is basically a poster child for Metalcloak products but I'm finally getting to the point that I'm not happy with simple "bolt-on" stuff. It won't contain anything exciting like tons, 40s , or coilovers. It will just be about maximizing the travel of a "basically stock style suspension." I was looking to redo the rear control arm mounts to improve ground clearance and reduce roll steer. Since removing the rear sway bar my 1350 rear shaft has been seriously interfering with the gas tank skid plate. This project has been sitting on the back burner until I had a satisfactory garage space; but, a broken upper control arm mount is requiring me to speed up the process if I want to wheel more this season.

Broken mount after having fun at Holy Cross trail.

Getting ready to install new upper mount with additional mounting locations.
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Hey... I'll take some revenue... :D

My JK - available to a new home, if anyone is interested...

2013 JKUR, Supercharged w/ 6-speed and 4.56's. Entire AEV catalog, from what I can tell, plus the standard skids, etc. Steering correction, PSC steering box, IVD Stage-eleventy coilover suspension. Plenty of Amsoil fluids... formerly with a Mishimoto radiator that they wouldn't warranty (not original owner), so now back to a factory replacement and runs just fine. Extremely conservative tune to keep it getting to the mall...
And good luck to ya sir ... 'cause you're now a qualified entrant. :beer:

ENTRY #6: Post #22 ... Mr. rockota

What the fuck are them thangs on your door hinges ... some sorta lil' steps??

Correct.... they fold down into steps for what what I could guess was for a previously used RTT.
Besides the 50 WORDS OR MORE rule, you have to own a JK and post a JK pic. Funny the first examples are the Turd and the Blue Jeep. There aren''t many JKs that are less JK than those Jeeps.
Lordy Kowboy My $100 gets more interest in my savings account than this here free money thread.
If my calculations are correct, I won't need to take a third mortgage on my house to pay up until early November.
Y'alls must be rich like gt1guy .

(49 words, no photo)
Yessir. I done spent my hun'erd dollar bill at the bar yesterday on beer, french fries, and the juke box. :beer:

I'm figurin' if'n I set aside coupla quarters a day I'll easily have another hun'erd bucks saved up for the winner here. :smokin:
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