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  1. Kowboy

    The JK Contest Thread: Take 2.

    So the intent of the original version was an attempt to entice the JKO crowd over to our lil’ sub-forum on here. Now we ain’t got no sub-forum on here no more … and my contest thread got lost in space. :eek: Oh well. For the time bein’ at least, we still got us a jeep section. (I was afraid...
  2. ExWrench

    ExWrench's Oddball Mods + Sneaky Stretch

    My fellow JKO and PBB survivors, I'll be rebuilding my JKO thread (7 years of JK & random oddball stuff, & a metric shit-ton of photos) here on Irate4x4 Just getting this started because not having it done will bug the shit out of me - like I need another incomplete project :laughing: Will...