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  1. Mad Max

    14 JKU M-380

    Well...after building and wheeling multiple Dodge trucks I'm finally gonna build a Jeep :flipoff2: . Just picked up this 2014 JKU - it's bone stock, right-hand drive, and other than a hurt engine 100% complete. The plan. Gonna gut the Jeep's entire driveline and wiring harness, drop in all of...
  2. IN 1988 Jeep YJ Ikea Edition

    Some assembly required. Tub, hood, grille, tailgate, dash, and windshield frame for a 1988 Jeep Wrangler YJ. Has VIN and clean title. Plenty of surface rust (its a Jeep), but in pretty reasonable condition otherwise. Add your own frame and drivetrain. PO made a few mods to the tub, like closing...
  3. 79 cj7 basic build.

    I rebuilt this cj7 once along time ago before I had a clue about anything really .This time I still don't know much, but here go anyway. This is how it sat after 6ish years,i had metal cloak fenders on it and 35s at one time.
  4. KarlVP

    75 cherokee alternator upgrades?

    Anyone know the part number for 1975 cherokee to get rid of the external voltage regulator? AMC 360.
  5. Richard Hulse

    CO 2020 Jeep Gladiator - Tons/40spline/40’s/Kings

    2020 Jeep Gladiator JT Rubicon 42000 miles Sting Grey Paint Fully Loaded - Leather - Front/Rear Cameras - LED Lights - etc 3.6L V6 8 Speed Auto 4:1 Rock-Trac Tcase Clean Title No accidents, no damage Entire build-up of jeep was done at 30K miles and majority of the work was done...
  6. westypoo

    Jeep liberty build up

    Well I posted a few pics of my liberty on another liberty build ( Home_brewd ) up on here and a few people asked if I had a build thread on it. Ive never done one on it as I usually just post up on my Instagram (wescookvw) on most my projects. But I've been a lurker on here for a while so I'll...
  7. japerry

    Copart complete JL 392 rebuild

    A while back I was able to 'win' a local copart auction for a Jeep 392! Just under 40k for a running/driving Jeep w/4k miles ain't bad. The goal of this build is to make an unsponsored capable rig that can still be driven on the street. Right now the budget for the aftermarket parts is probably...
  8. '84 Bronco II

    NM 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ, Lifted and Locked on 35" Tires

    I am posting this listing for my father, so PM me if you're serious and I'll get you in touch, but I can answer most questions here. My father is the second owner and bought it back in 2012 with 120,000 miles from a Pirate member in Southern California who was the original owner. The Jeep has...
  9. My JLU build

    Thought I'd share some pics of my JLU build. As some of you guys know I had a cnc machine shop/offroad shop in florida and we closed it up last year to move everything to middle Tennessee. During the move my son ran off the road somewhere around Macon and managed to bend the stock front axle...
  10. Bucket - the CJ8 light mod - another build.

    So, I've been a CJ guy most of my life. I've had several. Built many for others. I had one CJ8, that a crazy ex of mine put into a telephone back in my very, very poor days. So, this one's named Bucket, because the 51 year old version of me can build the "bucket Jeep" my 20 something version...
  11. cadman929

    “Cattywampus” cj5 build

    Well this weekend i picked up 3 cj5’s for $1500. The idea is to build a retro rig to run the rubicon with this august. Build plans -build a hp passenger drop dana 30 with 5x5.5 freespin kit -30 spline ff kit for the offset 44 rear -t case gears -35” bfg krawlers -stock height -highline front...
  12. XJ decision time

    I’m putting together an XJ as a hunting / dorking around rig. I got a iroc long arm 6” suspension kit, with a D30 front and a 8.8” rear, that came from an XJ already. Had a local guy start taking things apart cause I was so busy at work, and he proceeded to break every bolt imaginable on the...
  13. Lee

    TJ Behind Rear Seat Toolbox

    This isn't really hard core tech, but thought someone else could use the info. I've done tool bags, tool rolls (I still keep a couple tool rolls for wrenches and usually a tool bag of random stuff), and had a terrible experience with a Craftsman 3 drawer ball bearing slider piece of junk tool...
  14. Trashman

    Does the AX5 and 15 share the same mounting pattern?

    Bought a bastard TJ. 4.3lv6 AX5 (wtf???) 231 with Terra Low and SYE Dana 44 rear with alloy shafts and ARB Standard TJ issue 30 front. Bastard R.E. short arm lift. Looks like an early non adjustable kit? Some sort of lower than 4.11 gearing in the axles. I am searching for a AX15 or NV3500...
  15. TJ body on a yj frame

    Has anyone done this and if so what all was involved?
  16. POS rebuilt jeep

    I wanted to document my trials and tribulations in rebuilding a jeep someone built a while back and some idiot got it in between and threw on every bolt on part imaginable incorrectly. I bought it because it had a 4.3 and 7004r. My 1 ton explorer is a manual, I wanted an auto so the wife could...
  17. 67StingrayJ

    ERW vs. DOM

    OK, so I know the age old debate on ERW vs DOM tubing. But I've seen some YouTube personalities using ERW in some instances for their roll-cages. Like inside an XJ to go on Ultimate Adventure. My question is, is anyone out there using ERW on cages, and if so, what parts of the cage? Where would...

    NP241OR swaps

    Hey, So I put a later moder NP241OR or NVG241OR in my YJ without any speed sending capability. I was just going to use GPS for speed, but was thinking what pieces are needed to convert to an early output housing with a sender? I'm guessing a combo of output shaft, housing and pickup?
  19. Xtdragon


    Whats up dudes and duddets, Still on the n00b train so don't dig in too hard, my back is still growing leather. Loving my 14 Rubi everyday and since I've been privileged to get some new hardware on her I've looked into Cryo Freezing parts for longevity. I'll be having OME springs installed...

    Hey folks. So back in April this year, my buddy Robert invited me to go wheeling with him. He has an LQ9 powered buggy on 40s. It was the most fun I've had in a long time, and I was hooked. Literally, within the next week, id found a good starting point to build my own rig. An 86 CJ7 with a...