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  1. GGRR 4555

    2nd Hand JK - 1 Ton Phase

    I bought Fueler's 2013 JK project and thought I would document some of the project here. Cool jeep and seams like a good deal. His buddy towed it to CA for me so we are off to the races. Plan is to get the front Spidertrax housing finished and installed up front. Then pull the 14 bolt out to...
  2. GGRR 4555

    CA Front JK Rubicon Dana 44

    Dana 44 front axle for sale. Has 5.13 gears, rubicon locker, HD steering components, RCV Axles (need boots replaced), Ruffstuff diff cover, and welded C Gussets. $1900. I can sell it with complete metal cloak arms as well for an additional $200 (bushings are in great shape).
  3. NDCjeepsmith

    JK steering and alignment gurus help!?

    2010 JKR on unknown lift. Probably a rough country, 5.6-6" Had bent axles, took it to my trailer guy and he straightened the rear and put offset BJs in front. The axles are centered, and measure square. Toe reads a **** hair under 1/8. Castor on a printout reads 4.8 but my digital angle...
  4. Will Scarlet

    VA Jeep JK Sunrider Twill Soft Top SOLD

    SOLD. 2007 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Sunrider Twill Soft Top Mopar part number 82213650. Everything is included, so it's ready to install. There some scratches on the windows that the pictures didn't pick up, but they are still clear. It's used, but very good condition. Located in Norfolk...
  5. Fueler

    MO 2013 JK Rubicon SOLD

    2013 JK Rubicon with ~46k miles. I am the original owner and wheeled mostly CA sierra trails. Blew up the D44 rear years ago and been incomplete ever since. We lived out on the water in CA so boating sort of took over. Suspension is mostly metalcloak with some PolyPerformance bits here and...
  6. Granite36

    CA Poison Spyder Jeep JK Bumpers - La Mirada, California

    I’m selling my Poison Spyder JK Brawler Lite Front Bumper and Poison Spyder JK RockBrawler II Rear Bumper. Both bumpers are powder-coated black from Poison Spyder. These fit Jeep JKs only. The front bumper also includes Rigid Fog lights. The rear bumper comes with the Poison Spyder backup...
  7. Rangerrod

    OR Arb157 Jk rubicon 35 spline shafts

    Arb rd157 rubicon rd157 with 35 spline shafts. This is just for locker no switches or solenoids does come with some line and manual. $400 plus shipping.
  8. SC 2016 JK 392 Hemi 7k miles

    2016 Jeep JKU Rubicon $80,000 7416 Miles Everything works even cruise control, etc Ready to ride and needs nothing Jeep has done Moab, Rubicon, and others… Just got back from Moab and The Rim, Hell’s Revenge, and Pritchett all no problem for this Jeep. Great on the trail and the highway. Mopar...
  9. Byro

    OH Reid JK knuckles. SOLD

    SOLD. Pair of Reid JK30/44 high steer knuckles. Open box, brand new. These are drilled for a flipped drag link. SOLD.
  10. JK 3.8 Engine Clatter

    I recently purchased a salvage 2010 JK with 150000miles. There is an engine clatter sound coming from the front upper driver side of the engine (sounds near the alternator area). Any ideas what the cause could be? Link to sound:
  11. YotaAtieToo

    Ls swap jk belt routing help

    We're at a mountain mafia event and my buddy threw his serp belt. 07 JK with 08 caddy 6.2 ls swap. Swap was a motech kit, so assuming the brackets are motech, but not the billet ones that come up on google. We did the way pictured and it's just too short. Also tried under the crank to under ac...
  12. JK Rear Axle Qs

    How crappy are the rear non-rubicon D44 JK axles? I'm googling them and hear the odd issues about them bending at the axle flanges. I'd be cutting the axle flanges off and making it full float anyway using old school D44 spindles out back. I found one with the gear ratio I want AND an ARB locker...
  13. Rob50lx

    Dumb question. Who and how much to re-tube or widen JK dana 44s?

    I'm looking at various options and I have so much invested in JK Rubicon 44 housings. Front is a Tera44 with 1/2" thick tubes and rear is still stock housing with custom brackets. They both have 8 lug full float kits from Teraflex. I was just wondering what it would take to widen them...
  14. calux

    CA 2007-2018 JK Rubicon Rear Axle

    Complete rear D44 with 4.10 gears and an e-locker Axle is stock with 50,000 miles Dog included in picture for reference $1,500 open to offers Located in Northern Bay Area., I'm making weekly trips to Sacramento for work so I could potentially meet/deliver in the area if there's interest.
  15. Austin

    JTops USA JK Sun Shade

    It occurred to me last fall what a jerk I was riding around in the JK with the top and doors off and a sunscreen only covering the front two seats. My 2yr old in the back was in the full sun. It’s not a terrible thing because she looks cute in sunglasses, but it’s the heat I worry about. It’s...
  16. Kowboy

    The JK Contest Thread: Take 2.

    So the intent of the original version was an attempt to entice the JKO crowd over to our lil’ sub-forum on here. Now we ain’t got no sub-forum on here no more … and my contest thread got lost in space. :eek: Oh well. For the time bein’ at least, we still got us a jeep section. (I was afraid...

    Yellow Vacuum Express

    well here we go again with starting a build thread and never updating it or remembering my password. I have been on pirate, JKForum and a few others; I am sure that people have seen me around. quick specs 2008 jeep wrangler x dana 60 front, 14 bolt rear 14 inch fox coilovers, 2inch foa bumps...
  18. ExWrench

    ExWrench's Oddball Mods + Sneaky Stretch

    My fellow JKO and PBB survivors, I'll be rebuilding my JKO thread (7 years of JK & random oddball stuff, & a metric shit-ton of photos) here on Irate4x4 Just getting this started because not having it done will bug the shit out of me - like I need another incomplete project :laughing: Will...
  19. Davev78

    Hydro Assist - Diff Cover to Knuckle Mount

    Let’s try some tech Car info: JKU Rubicon, 2” lift, adjustable lower arms, 37” milestars, your basic mall crawler. Needed hydro assist since I like to to turn my wheels in the rocks. Over the years, I noticed that most hydro assist set ups want to rotate the tie rod. This is particularly true...
  20. Austin

    Heads Up Jeepers

    We've been talking forum consolidation in chit chat and in an effort to shrink things down a bit we're going to be dropping the Jeep section to just one forum. This will give people less places to have to look for cool builds. All your restoration, basic or newb Jeeps question can go there. If...