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Also, note that the burners are off.
Thought the same thing, at first.


Just some narrow slot weird shit.
Just saw this on FB Marketplace.....

Dude wants $2500 for (4) FOA coilovers:barf: and in the same ad posts a picture from their website showing you can buy the exact same thing from FOA for slightly over $1700. Can't make this shit up......

Screenshot_20240618-130851_Samsung Internet.jpg

Truck definitely matches the sellers IQ level. :laughing:

Are they 858 each on FOA's site? 4 X 858 is 3432.
Sure looks cheaper than a rail kit. :laughing:

Srsly though how the fuck does one even do that?
I’ll let y’all know this afternoon. Customer aired it up this morning and drove it to me. Suspect driven flat. I’m skerd to even air it down 😀.
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