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  1. flecker

    SXS Snow plow thread....

    So I am looking at getting a plow to replace the old f250 at the resort the parents own. The thing is a 1970 and just done, it's plowed it's last season there.. They have a 2021 Polaris Ranger 1000XT NorthStar ultimate. Why the fawk is it so impossible to find a complete kit with the controller...
  2. JR4X

    Polaris stop ride recall

    Anybody affected by any of this bullshit? https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2023/Polaris-Recalls-RZR-Recreational-Off-Road-Vehicles-Due-to-Fire-Hazard-Recall-Alert-1...
  3. Polaris Ace, any opinions?

    Been kicking around a SxS for a cheap easy way to get back into wheeling. Riding ATVs now. These Polaris Aces keep showing up. 570 it says. Single seat. Which honestly who is going to ride with me? Or who would I want to ride with me? So are they crap? Capable? Joke? Are they the same...
  4. 1Sinner

    New Year, new golf cart adventures

    So the offroad fr/amily decided to get together for New years and do a little trail riding to kick off the year right. Did a polar plunge (as polar as it gets for AZ, high 50s outside and 49-50* water) at midnight just for laughs. Got some epic rain and thunderstorms, and some nice, dust free...
  5. Barkbeetle

    Yamaha RMAX destruction and remodeling

    I’m a former pirate member and I’ve been posting stuff on the YamahaWolverineforum but jhama78 convinced me to rejoin here. There are some good builds and sagas being shared so I figured it is worth sharing my typical destruction of OEM engineering. I like building stuff as much as I like...
  6. jhama78

    SXS Garage Sale ~ Buy, Sell, and Trade Thread

    This thread in the toyota forum has been pretty helpful and I dont think there is one already posted here. Got something for sale in the classified's? Something to trade? NEED something? Post it here! If your selling an item- PLEASE link it here FROM the classified's. If your looking to BUY...
  7. Wades_76_cj7

    Obor Roc Monster tire

    Anyone seen one of these tires in the wild yet? My group runs the Sticky Zillas and would have to be pretty damn impressive for us to switch. Zillas just flat work and even on the muddy slick rock ledges in Southern MO they work...
  8. Wades_76_cj7

    Polaris coolant question

    Popo wants $30 a gallon for premixed coolant. Is this any different than extended life automotive green coolant?
  9. CarterKraft

    The wife's Maverick Trail

    Another crappy thread. 2018 CanAm Maverick Trail 800 DPS Put the OEM 1000 doors on it. She wanted some tunes and I really didn't have the time before we went on our first trip to Colorado to do the system I wanted to build so I whipped up some quick release brackets for some portable Bluetooth...
  10. Ah Pook

    Polaris Keys

    How many key blanks does Polaris have? What key goes to what? Not paying $14 for a blank but not a whole lot of info out there. TIA :beer:
  11. TrikeKid

    Utility Machines, What sucks and what doesn't?

    Looking at utility side by side for my mom to help her get around the property and do the little bit of yard work she does more easily. Dad passed last month so I'm doing what I can on the weekends but I'm an hour+ away without traffic and it would make it a lot easier for her to be a little...
  12. Wades_76_cj7

    Chainsaw mount

    How many of you trail riders carry a chainsaw with you when riding? Have had a couple instances in when riding in the National Forest that having a saw would have been handy. Tree down over the trail that was too big to get over. We ended up turning around and backtracking out to go to another...
  13. Wades_76_cj7

    37" Roxxzillas

    Looks like Maxxis debuted a 37" Zilla at the Sand Sports Show last week. Sorry for the link to another forum pic post...
  14. Wades_76_cj7

    Anyone Overland from their SXS?

    Kicking around the idea of an AR overland trip. Running the TAT from Helena over to Mulberry Mountain. The official trail runs from Helena to Summers but I know my tow rig and trailer would be safe at Mulberry. Thought was to pick up a U-haul in Ozark and drive to Helena AR and run the TAT...
  15. Wades_76_cj7

    Aftermarket skid plate

    What skid plates are you guys running? My Rock and Trail came with a factory full skid plate vs the regular partial that the regular XPs have. Well all the rocky rutted out hill climbs have finally worn thru the rear section under the trans. I used a Tusk on my old 900s and it was ok but the...
  16. jhama78

    Yamaha Wolverine RMAX

    Anybody else on here with a Yamaha Rmax? Been a Yamaha fan forever, and been converting over from Polaris Machines to Yamaha since I picked up a Grizzly 550 for the wife a few years back. Have looked at and sat in all brands of sxs over the last year and decided the RMAX fit the bill so far as...
  17. SLOWPOKE693

    West coast sxs short course racing....

    JR4X Time to dust off that popo and go have some local(ish) fun. :smokin:
  18. Thrown_hammer

    Going to Brimstone.

    Brimstone ATV park in Huntsville, TN. Getting there late Sunday and riding until Tuesday. Any must do trails, or must see nature type shit? Taking a RZR 900s and a RZR 1000XP turbo.
  19. TRINDU

    How true are the tire size?

    Thinking about a set of UTV tires for my 4runner. Do the 33-35 measure true when mounted? Dont want to spend BFG KM3 money, so looking at alternatives. Open to suggestions on make/model tires.
  20. Thinking about taking up golf again.

    I need a new cart. Is a 2013 Can Am maverick XRS 1000r going to be a money pit? Or can I run trails and beat on it for a while? It is in good condition overall.