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  1. chaplinfj60

    suspension seat mount that is adjustable

    Good afternoon, I have PRP suspension seats and these dumb adjusable mounts. cant say it enough, they suck. mud, dust and shit get in them track and they dont freaking work at all. is there anything else out there. i saw one buddy hade some rails that had a shit ton of holes and he just...
  2. CA New Low Back Racetrim Suspension Seats

    Low Back Racetrim Suspension Seats New, bought for a project, but then changed direction. Located in Scotts Valley, CA Potential delivery to King of the Hammers, if you can convince me you’re not going to flake. $350 for the pair. If you really only want 1, it’s $225.
  3. Wades_76_cj7

    Tusk seat warmers

    I have PRP XC seats in my RZR and have been looking at the Tusk universal seat warmers. Anyone else have these in their buggy?