1. Swayzeexpress

    IL New carhartt seat covers 5th gen 4runner Still in the box, mine got totalled and found em in the garage. Box beat up a little but unopened. 100 shipped
  2. 94toytruck

    Does your passenger seat get used?

    Seriously debating removing my passenger seat and putting a package tray their in my buggy. I been thinking about it awhile and kind of torn some I was going to ask the experts their opinions but I came here instead:flipoff2: I was gonna remove it the beginning of the season then 1st trip a rig...
  3. Lee

    TJ Behind Rear Seat Toolbox

    This isn't really hard core tech, but thought someone else could use the info. I've done tool bags, tool rolls (I still keep a couple tool rolls for wrenches and usually a tool bag of random stuff), and had a terrible experience with a Craftsman 3 drawer ball bearing slider piece of junk tool...
  4. Im4yotas

    CA PRP Alpha composite racing seat

    Brand new PRP Alpha composite racing seat (one seat). Only taken out of the plastic twice for test fitting and measuring. With optional seat heater. This is the standard width version. From - THE FIRST OF ITS KIND! PRP SEATS’ ALPHA COMPOSITE SEAT SPECIFICALLY BUILT FOR...
  5. Winchested

    Seats: Corbeau Baja RS suspension seats

    So looking into a set of these seats, never had a proper seat of suspension seats and I'm tired of the Cobalt SS seats I've got in my SSII. I want them reclineable for kid access in the back, or do I say :flipoff2: them and just get fixed back seats. Summit racing is about the option for me...
  6. tribal4krawler

    Adjustable Up-Down/Forward-Back Seat Mounts?

    Making this as a side post to the Team187 4400 Thread - Ken Hale is a good bit shorter than I am at roughly 5'9 ish and he's of course the owner/primary driver of the 187 4400 car but he really wants to have the ability to swap me into the driver seat as needed - I am 6'1 but i have a weird ass...
  7. holdmypocket

    Early Bronco - Upper Seat Belt Mount Using Tube Clamps?

    So I installed shoulder belts on the 67 Bronco today. Instructions said to mount the top 36" from the floorboards by drilling through both walls of the roll bar and running a bolt all the way through. Of course, this ended up being too high (the shoulder belt is at my neck). Ran across a forum...
  8. clodhopper

    Seat Cover Recommendation

    Yeah, super techy topic. Need seat covers for my tow rig. What I have found so far is either thin-strechy-shitty-autozoney stuff or reviews say to run away cause the fancy option fit like crap. What have others chosen and how did it work out. Extra points for pics I guess. 99 Superduty...
  9. chaplinfj60

    suspension seat mount that is adjustable

    Good afternoon, I have PRP suspension seats and these dumb adjusable mounts. cant say it enough, they suck. mud, dust and shit get in them track and they dont freaking work at all. is there anything else out there. i saw one buddy hade some rails that had a shit ton of holes and he just...
  10. CA New Low Back Racetrim Suspension Seats SOLD

    Low Back Racetrim Suspension Seats New, bought for a project, but then changed direction. Located in Scotts Valley, CA Potential delivery to King of the Hammers, if you can convince me you’re not going to flake. $350 for the pair. If you really only want 1, it’s $225.
  11. Wades_76_cj7

    Tusk seat warmers

    I have PRP XC seats in my RZR and have been looking at the Tusk universal seat warmers. Anyone else have these in their buggy?
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