1. MS Impco Propane Parts

  2. posford

    Propane bros, is this a good deal?

    Found a propane setup for sale, $100, meant to go over a holley 2 barrel, was on a Ranger with a 2.8 V6, looking to put on a Ranger with a 351w. I assume there's some kind of jetting I'd need to do? I like the dual fuel option honestly. Tank is a 20lb vehicle tank, I assume these need periodic...
  3. Can someone explain propane regulators (Camper style) to me

    I've got my little camping trailer, with a propane tank. Right now I have 3 things that I use with it This Stove - This Stove - This water heater - Why two...
  4. KY Propane set up for toyota

    Looking for Toyota 22r propane setup
  5. chaplinfj60

    aw4 to 205/241 with 22r turbo on propane

    good am all, with the lead times of atlas and everything what do you think about this as a combo, sure i like my 5 spd, but think i want to do an auto now. the turbo and gearing has help the little engine come alive but if your not in the right gear your still kinda screwed. so here's my...
  6. BigUglyFord

    79 f250 on Propane- BIG UGLY

    Im starting a thread to track my build of my 79 Ford pickup aka Big Ugly. Its made from a few different trucks and needed/needs a lot of work.
  7. kschaper75

    22r Propane with Offenhauser intake

    I have the Gotpropane kit mostly installed. Hit a snag when going to hook up the coolant lines. Normal way is to just remove the hose under the intake and use those ports. My truck was converted to a weber and Offenhauser intake so the port on the timing cover is blocked. How do I hook up...
  8. Adamwende

    Propane Turbo Samurai

    All the build threads have inspired me to get another one going. Some of you may remember my old buggy build “Samurai buggy, less is more”. That was a long thread. This one, will be short and sweet. I bought this out of a small town in the middle of nowhere, for 200 bucks. Didn’t know if it...
  9. Austin

    Propane Issues

    I hooked up a propane kit on my Unimog and it ran like a top out of the box with no adjustments. I removed the standard points from the stock distributor and put in an electronic points system, changed out the plugs, wires and changed the oil. It still ran decent, I needed to get a timing light...
  10. Mr Stubs

    Propane issue, air cleaner or?

    So I have a interesting issue. I cleaned my air cleaner and now my crawler won’t idle, runs like garbage with it installed.
  11. Provience

    Minimalist Buggy Swap Propane WIRING 20r 22r 22re 2rz 3rz 3vz 5vz

    Minimalist Buggy Swap Propane WIRING 20r 22r 22re 2rz 3rz 3vz 5vz that should trigger about all the search terms :flipoff2: Going to see if i can copy and paste one of my old threads. :beer: to everybody for adding information, i cut out a bit of conservation, so by all means we can always add...
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