1. Nissan R230 gears

    Contemplating the dumb. 2006 Armada with the R230 diff IRS. My google fu is not worky so well. Is there such a thing as 4.10's or 4.56's for these things? Wanting to try for a 35" tire. I had the same year Titan back in the day with 3.36's and 35's and it left something to be desired. Maybe...
  2. 00nissanguy

    Sas the daily

    Lil back story. Have owned this rig close to 3 years and it's been my daily/overland rig the entire time. As any nissan guy knows the factory ifs and steering leaves a lot to be desired and with the 35s it's pretty poor to drive and they rub like crazy so might as well sas to fix those problems...
  3. bgaidan

    1999 Frontier Lung Transplant

    The infamous NORD (that's the Nissan Frontier with the Ford bed) started acting up on the last trip to Kairos. The brake clean test indicated that it has a leaking intake gasket. Fun. So it got packed up and ignored for the last few months. Realizing that our annual Uwharrie run was...

    I have a 1988 Nissan Pathfinder up for sale.It has a SAS front jeep Waggy Dana 44.5.13 gears has a OX locker front has a lunchbox locker in rear. 35 in tires in good shape,I'd say 90%. It has 3.7 crawler gears. Redneck ram hydro assist. 3 link in front 4 link in rear. Disk brakes in rear as...
  5. Power steering line orientation

    Is 1 the pressure, and 2 the return on the steering box? I hooked it up that way, but had to bend lines to make them fit, etc., and didn’t mark the old setup when removing it. Ignore the booger welded shock hoop, it’s destined for the scrap heap.
  6. Subaru with Nissan parts?

    So, working on this 2014 Subaru Outback... and it's all Nissan wiring? WTF?
  7. bgaidan

    1987 Pathfinder Build? Restoration?

    Picked this little gem up today for the whopping price of $650. :eek: It's got some title issues, in that it didn't come with one, but it's old enough that I have work arounds for that. :dustin: I've always wanted a two door and I've also lately wanted a beater than I can drive up to the...
  8. gozuki

    Automotive Customizers

    Generic name, and the website is worse, but they have the XD9000i for like $300 less than anywhere else. Supposedly "big" in the Nissan world. What's the word on these guys, legit?
  9. Poor man’s Toyota SAS

    I miss the days of forums like these, the social media domain has taken over and I’ve fell victim to it over the years. Anyway, I’ve daily drove this 2000 Nissan Frontier 3.3 for about a year, with little intentions on doing anything to it as it drove and ran so well. I then found a cheap...
  10. clodhopper

    Radio too loud

    2015 X (4xpro) with RF stereo. Bought it used. Starting with the volume knob at zero (no sound), one click up is slightly low for driving, another click up and it is Ok or a bit loud, a third click up and it is uncomfortably loud. And it just gets louder from there. The head unit doesnt have...
  11. Gots_a_sol

    Frontier VK swap

    Anybody here have experience with dropping in a VK56 (Titan V8) in to a 2nd gen Frontier? From what I've found it drops right in with all oem parts. But I can't find much info on the wiring/electrical aspect of it beyond "I just had Driven Desire do it". Seems to be about $350 and you have to...
  12. Engine ID Help

    I picked up this 64 Scout 80 and someone had swapped in a Nissan 4cyl engine into it. Looking to see if any Nissan guys here can help ID what it is. Thanks!
  13. SamuraiTy

    The $90 91 D21

    So I bought this truck off a friend for $90 back in 2004. It's a 1991 D21 standard cab 2wd 2.4 5sp. It had been his mom's truck. She had done the timing chain and had the whole wire harness replaced. She gave it to him at about 150k miles and he ran it into the ground for about 10k miles. I got...
  14. MSO Ash

    It's a Nissan, Not a Ford.

    So this is my current build. 1992 Nissan Patrol (rebadged and sold as a Ford Maverick) 4.2 diesel with manual trans. Chassis and mechanicals were solid but body was rusty beyond repair. Decided to ditch the body and fit a ute cab as the wagons and utes share the same chassis and body mounts...
  15. AK_F250

    2000 frontier beater

    Not a build thread so much as a questions thread. I picked up a 2000 3.3 frontier 4 door with 188k last week and know absolutely nothing about them other than they’re 1/2 the price of a 4 door Tacoma of that era. Seems to drive fine other than a little play in the steering and feels underpowered...
  16. New Member

    Hey I m new here from San Diego, US
  17. dentedsub

    Hardbody SAS, Just like Momma used to do it

    I know there are a bunch of D21 SAS's ou there but I don't remember any on the old thread and I guess it will be the first here. This is my first build thread and will probably be used as much for questions as sharing my experience. So here's the plan: 1990 Nissan Hardbody D21, 4wd, 2.4L 4...
  18. JR4X

    Any XTERRA gurus?

    Short story long. Wife hit a deer with her 2013 XTerra and wiped out the front clip pretty good. Broken headlight, cratered the core support, broken radiator, bumper/cover, grill, hood the whole 9. Second gens are 2006 to 2015 from what I read but they only look like hers really from 09 to...
  19. Dan

    Little Datsun 720

    Looking kind of lonely in the Nissan forum so I'll try to add some content on what I hope will be my daily driver for a little while. Long term plan may include large tires and a lot of custom fab. I've always liked mini trucks but when you're 6'4" you learn to like them from afar. About a...
  20. Grronk

    Shitbox '95 Pickup "build" or somthing

    Long story short, bought a house, this truck was included. Sat down in the field for years, I think since 2011 or so? Not sure what the main goal with it is, probably a shitty fuck around truck/demolition derby truck? No idea besides just generally beat on it. Figured I'd make a thread on it...
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