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Fordyce Cisco grove situation?

Yes. But only if you video it.
Level seemed to fluctuate a bunch Saturday night. If you zoom in on the tree in the pic I posted you can see the water line from the night before.
I wanna see what 1000 looks like
I was thinking the same thing...
Gotta be eppic:eek:

1150 cfps on 06 07
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This is more what I was picturing :laughing:

Interesting that they were even able to get it down to 400. There has got to be a ton of snow up higher still.
Shot way down, maybe maintenance?


How far has anyone been up the trail? I'm assuming meadow still has snow as it's like 7400' iirc.
Fof site shows meadow is still white, bue eagle is brown with the usual wet tracts.

I'm hoping to get a recon run in soon...

Eta looks like Tahoma is still covered to staging, but parking restrictions are off.
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Meadow has snow.
Fordyce lake probably still does as well.
I know people have been as high as at least Committee.
Wouldn't be surprised if someone punches through soon as fast as everything is melting.
Our plan is late August, which I feel is pretty safe. As nuts as the snow was, it would be insane for snow to last that long.
Anytime after Trek will be fine for sure. I'm amazed at how much snow is up there.
But with temps jumping 20° this week I bet most of it will disappear quickly.
What’s the latest word on camping at Cisco?

The campground looks to be open on the weekends only (according to google)
Any multi night camping allowed anywhere in that area?
Cisco got bought by hippies who hate ohv.
Fuck them.

Camp on the trail or at the lake.
If your looking for an actual campground there is one off Eagle Lakes rd, or one at Rattlesnake creek.
Cisco got bought by hippies who hate ohv.
Fuck them.
Question on this front... in the past the move was to park the trailers at the camp site for $5 a night or something and go in from there but I think that recent years the move is to park at Chevron and just drive across the overpass.
1) Chevron still happy with this arrangement? And still relatively safe for tow rigs?
2) There used to be ghost stories about CHP sitting at the end of the cisco to eagle lakes bypass waiting for us non street legal people to hit pavement to ruin a good time. General thinking I hear - if you drive from Chevron across the overpass in a nice, friendly manner, no one is going to bother you. Has anyone had any experience on this front...?

Thank you!
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