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  1. Ultra4 & KOH stuff on sale

    hey all, looks like king of the hammers site is have a sale on their swag. Some decent stuff at pretty low prices: King of the Hammers Official Merchandise
  2. ridered3

    2024 Ultra4 Schedule

    Here is the 2024 Ultra4 (KOH only) and Ultra4USA schedule. They redid the points structure for 2024 and made various changes to venues and dates. Couple of my thoughts for whatever they are worth: I wish Tennessee was on there since it’s comparatively in my backyard. I’m surprised no Disney...
  3. LS PCV Routing for Ultra4

    After the Montana Big Sky 200 in May and a couple short races that broke out with friends in Idaho following week, there's oil seeping from the front and rear main seals on my LS3. It's not dripping oil, it's just stuck on the front and rear of the engine and oil pan in a fairly large area...
  4. tribal4krawler

    2023 Ultra4 Disney Best Dam race

    Ken Hale and I will be racing the Team187 4400 car this weekend at Ultra4 Disney. There’s going to be some heavy hitters so we’re not expecting a ton for our first official Ultra4 4400 race. Our main goal is to have no problems, have a smooth clean race and complete all laps. With my Jk 4500...
  5. 2big bronco

    Details on the upcoming Havasu ultra4 race?

    Im trying to find out some info on the race in october. Ive heard rumors that it will be a "no spectator race" assuming spectators are allowed, what is the camping situation like?
  6. tribal4krawler

    Team187 4400 Ultra4

    Just some backstory here, when I was building my 4659 Jeep Comanche I recruited my buddy Kenneth Hale who owned an Offroad shop to help with some of the wiring and I basically lived in his shop for a month during our mad rush to make KOH 2020. The next year him and some buddies built their own...
  7. JR4X

    Ultra4 at MAO Visions Jay OK

    One of the coolest events I’ve ever been to. Anybody coming to see the spectacle? Hands down best spectator experience at a race I’ve ever seen.
  8. the_ham_sami

    U4 4600 Samurai "The Ham Sami"

    I've been lurking here for a while and figured I should jump in and do a write up on my Samurai. I bought it back in 2016, it was a rolling chassis (no engine, no transfer case and a basket of random parts in the back). I parked it on the property and it sat until late 2019, at that point I...
  9. Pharr

    Ultra4 4600 VW Touareg V10 TDI Build

    Hi! I'm Chris with Pharr Motorsports out of Austin, TX and this is our 2008 VW Touareg build thread. We are building this hotrod to compete in Ultra4. Yes, that's right we're a little nuts. First off.. a few common questions I get regarding this thing: Q: "lololol a Touareg?? Really? Why?" A...
  10. Rear engine 4800 ultra4

    Did anyone take advantage of the rule change this year and run a rear engine car in 4800? I was too busy prepping my tired old 4400 and partying to really check out the emc cars this year out on the lakebed 😂
  11. CJKnoll96

    KOH 2022 "from the right seat"

    I wrote this up last year and wasn't sure what to do with it figured some of you might enjoy the read as we head into KOH 2023. King Of the hammers from the Right Seat King of the Hammers is one of those events that’s like a speeding bullet train, you can see it from miles out, you know...
  12. Im4yotas

    CA Ultra4 project powertrain: 6.0 LS 4l80e np205 hp60 and 9" -So Cal

    Edit: engine, trans and t-case are sold. Axles still for sale, $2500 Iron block 6.0 LQ4 with harness and ECU. Brand new water pump and F body oil pan/pickup tube with Felpro gasket. Complete except EGR. 4l80e trans that came out of the truck with the engine, but was originally in a van and...
  13. tribal4krawler

    DKA Motorsports Ultra4 Polaris Turbo S

    As many of yall know I have a race Comanche that we've been converting over to 4500. Unfortunately due to a bunch of different things it's looking extremely unlikely that the truck will be finished in time for any races this year. A friend of mine was selling their 2018 Polaris Turbo S thats...
  14. NorCal Rock Racing April 16 & 17th

    Hey all just wanted to let you know that round 1 of the NorCal Rock Racing series is set to start on April 16th and the 17th at the Wild West Motor Park (if that can't happen, the it'll be held at the 95 Motor sports complex). Both venues are great for spectators and the whole series is very...
  15. Austin

    CA Ultra4 King of the Hammers Week | Jan 29–Feb 6 | | Johnson Valley, CA

    Details will be updated when available ... but be there.