1. Tryloff

    Automatic transmission options?

    Forgive my ignorance. I haven't messed with ford's very much. I stumbled into a 84 4x4 ranger 5 speed with a blown up v6 in it. It came with a running 68 302 and 2wd c4. I want to make it automatic but am unsure on my options for an economical transmission/ tcase. My first thought was use the...
  2. Landslide

    2000 tracker automatic transmission into a samurai body chassis fitment?

    I have a plan of stuffing my 2000 tracker 2.0 with automatic transmission into my 88.5 samurai body/chassis. I’ve searched YouTube, here and web and haven’t found anything about doing it. My concern is transmission tunnel interference with the larger transmission into the samurai body/chassis...
  3. Provience

    E4OD & 4R100 Resources 2024-01-15

    Ford E4OD and 4R100 resources, rebuild, update. Ah, click the "download" button and select which of the 3 attached documents best fit your needs
  4. Trashman


    Looking for a Chevy NV3500 4wd trans. I am in AZ. Thanks.
  5. Provience

    E4OD transmission swap

    alright, procrastination continues and now i've got questions. Slowly gathering stuff to swap away from my C6 behind my 400. the above thread talks about making the swap behind a 7.3 IDI. 72Pstroke says: granted, i'll...
  6. TX_Jeep

    Jeep AW4 Service Manual 2023-09-12

    PDF of ATSG service manual for the Jeep AW-4 Automatic Transmission
  7. '84 Bronco II

    Overdrive Transmission Options with AX10/SCX10.1 Axles

    I want to get front overdrive, and I am curious if there is a good option I am missing for my build. I want to keep the low gear sets in both axles to minimize torque twist and stress on the drivetrain, so I want to get overdrive from the transmission. Currently, I am at ˜20:1 with the Axial 3...
  8. makemeknowit

    TN C4 4WD transmission

    On the hunt if anyone has/has leads. Thanks
  9. Thumping

    1978 Dodge 300 automatic transmission.

    We picked up a truck the other day to use to haul some logs (will be installing a flat bed). It has the 440 automatic transmission. I think its a 727 trans but I'm not 100% positive. Whats a tell tell indication that's what it is (I've never messed with a Dodge truck). It is a 3 speed. Pic of...
  10. arse_sidewards

    Subaru 4EAT documentation 2023-05-23

  11. Installing a used 1/4million mile transmission....

    Thumper's('02 Jeep WJ, 4.0l, 42re, nv242) transmission decided to take a dump last week. My daily driver and only vehicle. I don't have a press(no space for one either), so a DIY rebuild isn't an option, and the budget isn't there for a shop to rebuilt it. In regards to a press, I'll be looking...
  12. snivilous

    TH350 Transmission 2023-05-12

    TH350 Transmission, Credit to Randall E. on GrabCAD
  13. Sean

    TH400 Transmission Builder Recommendations?

    I'm going to need to buy a complete TH400 for a 4WS portal buggy with a 5.3LS with 450 hp (crank)...max. It may be a conservative 325hp...not sure on power output. Things that are must haves for the build: Full manual valve body, reverse shift pattern with engine braking. I was originally...
  14. Sean

    Does an Aluminum Stock Depth Auto Transmission Pan Drop Temp Much?

    Compared to a stock depth painted steel pan, does an aluminum pan (stock depth) offer much in terms of extra cooling for a TH400 (or any other auto tranny)? I will be running a dedicated transmission cooler with a fan, but I'm just wondering if spending a little more on an aluminum pan would...
  15. CA T56 6 speed transmission

    Came out of a 04 or 05 Cadillac CTSV, unknown miles. Previous owner said it was in good shape. I have never installed it. TUET 5044 are the numbers on it. $1200 Located in San Bernardino CA. Prefer pickup, unless you arrange shipping.
  16. Tumbleweed13

    Th180 Transmission Breather Mod

    I finished building my Suzuki powered, Rock Lizard buggy, a little over a month ago. I’ve taken it out three times. Every time, I’ve had problems with the TH180 transmission, puking out way too much fluid, when the nose is in the air and I’m working the buggy really hard to make it up in...
  17. Sidekicktodd

    Snow wheeling and automatic transmission

    I was snow wheeling this weekend and smoked my th350. What’s the trick to keep these things happy in the snow. Yes my trans cooler probably needs to be bigger. I was running a 4.3 vortec 2.28 case 5.29 diff and 37s at about 3000-3500rpm in 3rd gear and it would run about 220temp and then I’d...
  18. Gunwalls_Buckthorne

    2014 Polaris Ranger Transmission

    The front output shaft on my 2014 Ranger 800 Crew wore down enough to cause a nasty vibration. When I cracked it open, I found the turf mode differential carrier cracked and ready to gernade the case. I like the turf mode and plan to keep it, any insight on parts? I can only seem to find turf...
  19. MochaMike

    Transmission Recommendations

    My tow rig 48re (4x4) is getting tired. Specs: 2004.5 HO Cummins, 240k SB I’ve kept it stock for the 220k miles I’ve owned it. (Trans is known weak link). I tow 8k, 8-12 times a year to Fordyce, Hammers etc. After my new trans, I want to add cold air, cat back, maybe a mild chip...
  20. MigGunslinger

    Automatic Transmission Trail Fixes

    Wheeling last weekend and had an issue where we had a punctured transmission pan. While I tried to think my may through the situation logically and prevent further damage I realized that I had very little assurance that we were making the right assumptions. My TJ has an auto as well and I would...
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