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  1. NDCjeepsmith

    Stepping up my tow rig game

    So I've had an 18' bumper pull forever. I'm finishing up my buddies rebuild and he has no way of towing and I've got another build underway for myself so I've known I would be in need of hauling two Jeeps for a bit. My quick math says I wouldn't over load my power wagon with a lowboy gooseneck...
  2. Crawl Away

    Tow Rig Recommendations

    I am looking to buy a 2023 F250 or GMC 2500. The truck will share commuting duties with my Wrangler to my office (about 66 miles round trip but I only go in every other day or so) and will haul my Jeep and possibly another wrangler for a 6-8 offroad trips each year. It needs to be crew cab to...
  3. Tow Rig / DD / Plow Rig Tires

    We had one of these threads in the old place, might as well have one in the new place, and I didn't see one after my exhausting 2 minute search. If I missed it...:flipoff2: Tech/reviews for Tow Rigs, Daily Driver and Plow truck tires. I'll kick it off. 2011 F-350 6.7, running 275/65R20s gets...