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  1. Criscfer

    CO Toy axles, suspension, & steering

    Front axle 1985 shaved with diff guard, trussed, Longfield Birf's, 5.29 with Detroit Truetrac. U-bolt flip. ARP studs. IFS hubs, 2nd gen IFS disc brakes w/ss lines & vented rotors. 53" Alcan springs, shackles, hoops, 4 Bilstein shocks. Crossover high steer, IFS steering box, hydro assist ram w/...
  2. Winchested

    Seats: Corbeau Baja RS suspension seats

    So looking into a set of these seats, never had a proper seat of suspension seats and I'm tired of the Cobalt SS seats I've got in my SSII. I want them reclineable for kid access in the back, or do I say :flipoff2: them and just get fixed back seats. Summit racing is about the option for me...
  3. muadib

    Add suspension travel?

    1994 GMC 1500 4WD 350engine Manual TC. SAR/IFS drums and discs. That should cover the basics. Love this truck. Needs some TLC. Want to add suspension travel. Don't need a lift, just would like more travel. The stock setup is marginally adequate. This truck will be for dirt roads gravel...
  4. snivilous

    RuffStuff 48in Trailing Arm 2023-05-12

    RuffStuff 48in Trailing Arm, not highly detailed but has the gross dimensions and pivot points
  5. snivilous

    3rd Gen 4Runner/1st Gen Tacoma +3.5" Long Travel 2023-05-12

    3rd Gen 4Runner/1st Gen Tacoma +3.5" Long Travel with plate construction (may require modification)
  6. Kryptonite suspension

    I recently went to a newer haul rig for the camper, from an 02 superduty to 08. New rig is bone stock, I've already swapped the flatbed from the 02, will be adding airbags, etc etc. Right now I am focusing on levelling the front as I need just a bit more clearance where I go camping. Ordered...
  7. posford

    2005 F-250 Front Suspension Rehab

    Considering tears the whole front end out from under my 2005 F-250 and starting over. Its got 160k miles, a 5.4 with 60k miles, coil spacer and 35s. The radius arm brackets are rusting though, the coil buckets are flaking and shitty. Frame looks pretty good from what I can tell. Its been a...
  8. Square body link front suspension

    Working on my 85 K5 project. Ls swap is almost done. Was planning on tons with leaf springs but found a parts truck with tons that already has artec truss on the front and a poorly designed hack fuck 4 link. Rod ends and everything are there and new so I figured I just as well link it apposed to...
  9. chaplinfj60

    suspension seat mount that is adjustable

    Good afternoon, I have PRP suspension seats and these dumb adjusable mounts. cant say it enough, they suck. mud, dust and shit get in them track and they dont freaking work at all. is there anything else out there. i saw one buddy hade some rails that had a shit ton of holes and he just...
  10. CA New Low Back Racetrim Suspension Seats SOLD

    Low Back Racetrim Suspension Seats New, bought for a project, but then changed direction. Located in Scotts Valley, CA Potential delivery to King of the Hammers, if you can convince me you’re not going to flake. $350 for the pair. If you really only want 1, it’s $225.
  11. Antti

    New suspension for `01 F250

    My `01 F250 has more or less all original suspension. Been planning to upgrade it with Rough Country products: 2,5" levelling kit 2.5 Inch Leveling Kit | Ford Super Duty 4WD (99-04) dual front shock kit Dual Front Shock Kit | Ford Super Duty 4WD (1999-2004) steering stabilizer kit V2 Steering...
  12. eacook1

    SAS- cycling suspension for clearance

    I just got my new Sky Off road 3f springs. While looking at them I thought it would be a shame to break apart a brand new pack to install the main leaf when I am setting up all my steering and bump stops and what not during my SAS. It got me to thinking of alternatives. How have you done...
  13. chaplinfj60

    ironman 4x4 suspension fzj80

    good am, has anyone tried this kit out , they have a 25% off and free shipping so it would be a little bit over 700 bucks, seems legit to me. thanks NITRO GAS 2" SUSPENSION KIT SUITED FOR TOYOTA 80 SERIES LAND CRUISER/LEXUS LX450 - STAGE 1 Ironman 4x4 PART NUMBER: TOY024CAKGS1
  14. Wheelerfreak

    73 Bronco suspension ??

    Tuesday question on a Thursday. :flipoff2: What degree bushings should I go with for a 2.5" lift? Both 4 and 7 degree bushings are listed. I'm never going to lift it more than 2.5" and I just want to run 31x10.50x15's.
  15. Hyde

    Suspension seats, but for poors

    Posting this in newb because the seats I'm looking at are entry level. I had pretty much decided on the Corbeau Baja JP Wide, I would really like to see a picture of the mounting though, I think vertical mount else be easier for my application but they don't do the SS in wide. I was also...
  16. TiTRD

    Ram Rebel Air Suspension Delete

    Probably not the right forum to document this, but it's a huge problem in cold climates. Parts list ordered: Fox: 983-02-050 Front coil overs 985-24-032 Rear shocks General Spring: TTC-1210 rear coils. 25% more capacity coils for towing. Mopar: 52855789AB Spring isolators All going on...
  17. Treefrog

    How's my numbers?

    Looks like its time we need this, I was hoping it would take a bit longer, but I guess its a sign that builds are being done. So, for those asking about how their suspension numbers check out, throw it here. Preferably in the form of a screenshot of the calculator. Just trying to keep the bible...
  18. Treefrog

    December's Bible Build: Linked Suspensions

    Figured that with the talk of threads dedicated to specific tech topics, might as well get the ball rolling early. THIS IS FOR SOLID AXLES ONLY, NOT INDEPENDENT SUSPENSIONS. I will do my best to gather as much of this info below as possible. It should be noted that this is a collection of info...
  19. Lil'John

    Is there a reason to use left and right threads for a link in a linked suspension?

    Title states it. Is it purely for convenience? Or is there something more to it? Long/details: I'm doing a linked suspension with shit I have around the basement shelves; jonny joints and "spring bushings". I have added 1 1/4" studs to the jonny joints but I have not been able to find a left...
  20. Gabacho_Baja

    spacing between suspension mounts

    I'm looking to fab my f150 up like this Ranger(shown in photo) using chevy 63" springs. 2 questions. 1) How do I calculate the required distance between mounts on the frame for the springs? Should I simply measure the truck I pull them from at the yard? 2) I feel like I read somewhere that...