1. surpip

    Hacker almost ready to run plane

    My daughter won a Hacker model at a rc plane meet yesterday, unfortunately it didn’t t come with any directions and my google fu is weak. Anyone happen to know where I could find a set? Hopefully in English? Hacker HC1307
  2. Furi tek fx-118

    I wasn’t sure if I should crash the scx-24 thread with this, but I picked this up Friday so that I can play with the kids and their 24 scale cars. It’s slightly larger than a 24 scale, but came with some worthy upgrades at a decent price point; brushless, oil filled shocks, portals and an Al...
  3. Large scale mega truck build

    Trying to finish this build, usually a build thread gives me the little motivation boost needed. Have gotten more and more into 2 stroke gas, electric just doesnt do it for me anymore. I have a fully built HPI Baja 5SC will ALL the goodies. Every RPM and Turtle Racing product available...
  4. Winchested

    Redcat gen 9's

    So I did to the gen 9 what I did to the Gen 8 and just put a 35T motor on the stock trans. Kept the same stock pinion tooth. Its better than stock but really noisy. I think the downside is this stupid 2 speed transmission. (I think it's fuggin useless) HI-Speed with the stock motor was...
  5. Trashman

    Anyone have a degree ramp thingus?

    Local rc shop has a ramp with skateboard grip tape and a digital degree meter. Thw ramp is approx 4.5' long. I had never tried it. I was there buying a new steering servo. Mine sheared off the mounts getting bound up in a ravine. Did 65.5 degrees. My truck would get half way up at 66, but...
  6. RC plane, just need an airframe

    I have a horizon Cub that I've wrecked enough that the airframe is smoked. Is there a category to shop for that would just be an airframe, that I could swap my motor, ESC, receiver, and servos over to? I see "Plug and Play" and "Bind and Fly", but I can't find the nomenclature for this. What...
  7. Trx4 axle breakage

    I’m a total rc newb and took a couple in on trade. The previous owner/ builder knows his stuff and I’ve always considered them to be bulletproof….. However I drive with restraint and my “full send” 9 year old does not. When one wheel went dead yesterday, my thoughts went to a portal gear...
  8. YotaAtieToo

    Whats new with the scx24?

    Bought 3 for the kids about 4 years ago. Went through lots of motors, a few esc's and servos. After getting kinda over it, they sat for 2 1/2" years and I just dug them all out. So maybe I'm behind the times. What I remember: Got a few of the cheap "emax" servo upgrades. Horizon was cool and...
  9. aamir567

    RC willys MB 1941

    My favorite RC Willys MB 1941
  10. Swayzeexpress

    New cheap MOA rear steer

    https://www.redcatracing.com/products/danchee-ridgerunner-rc-crawler-4-wheel-steering-1-10-brushed-rock-crawler Kinda neat at first class rtr with batt for 169 Haven't seen MOA with portals in a while
  11. Swayzeexpress

    Axial cj7 looks neat

    Good look on this one, nice to see a little more fun on the 1/10 https://www.bigsquidrc.com/axial-1-10-scx10-iii-jeep-cj-7-rtr/
  12. Swayzeexpress

    Fun rc gifts for kids

    Thought may be a fun idea. Grabbed one of these and building with my 6 year old, super easy kit and he's loving it https://www.arrma-rc.com/en/product/1-10-gorgon-4x2-mega-550-brushed-monster-truck-ready-to-assemble-kit-with-battery-and-charger/ARA3230SKT1.html Good instructions and comes...
  13. Rear steer killing SCX24 ESC

    I have a SCX24 JLU with the V2 electronics that I’m swapping to a Injora buggy with 4 wheel steering. When I tore it down, it had a dead motor from 5 year olds abusing it. I.e. holding it in place to do 4 wheel burnouts in dirt. Got it all together with a new Injora motor, and everything works...
  14. Winchested

    Just got a redcat Scout II

    Haven't done RC things in friggen forever. Prob 15 years or so. Going to the "Harvesters in the Holler" IH get together in TN in a few weeks and they are doing an RC crawl comp. So I needed a RC rig. Just entry level shit but hey. It looks cool. I want to paint the wheels alum to match...
  15. '84 Bronco II

    Overdrive Transmission Options with AX10/SCX10.1 Axles

    I want to get front overdrive, and I am curious if there is a good option I am missing for my build. I want to keep the low gear sets in both axles to minimize torque twist and stress on the drivetrain, so I want to get overdrive from the transmission. Currently, I am at ˜20:1 with the Axial 3...
  16. The Freeak

    Is there an RC for sale thread?

    I wanted to check before I posted some stuff.
  17. Trashman

    Picked up a BEAST

    Well, parts of one. Needs finished. I wanted a scaler, but not the same ole Toyota/Land Rover everyone else has. https://www.amainhobbies.com/rc4wd-beast-ii-6x6-truck-rtr-rc4zrtr0028/p542025
  18. Trashman

    Garage sale score.

    $10 at a local garage sale today. Now my 8yr old can drive with us on weekends with the club https://www.towerhobbies.com/product/112-cr12-4wd-tioga-trail-truck-rtr-whiteblue/ASC40006.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_r6hBhDdARIsAMIDhV9Sc3sQ1LqwJ5uT653K3z7pZvUCOz_eA6ZEafUfAoZ5VtMM_5-tROwaAs_QEALw_wcB
  19. Mr.Ratbastard

    Traxxas brushless in a Losi?

    I have a Traxxas slash 4x4 with a Traxxas brushless motor and speed controller. Would it make sense to transfer everything over to a Losi Tenacity rolling chassis (assuming the motor will fit?) Or would I be better off selling the slash complete and building the Tenacity up?
  20. Trashman

    Picked up the new AX24

    I had the SCX24...meh. I gave it to my middle son last year. Since then, my oldest bought an SCX and bought my youngest an AX24 today. Screw it, better keep up with the Jones' I guess. :laughing:
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