1. Stevsie

    SD 1.5 x 6in stroke ram

    I know lots of guys probably have one laying around. Would like to buy a PSC or trail gear ram. Shipped to SD
  2. TX PSC 1.5”x6” Hydraulic Assist Ram SOLD

    PSC Steering Ram - 1.5" Bore X 6" Stroke This was installed about a year ago on a new build and only driven about 100 road miles and 15 trail miles. Works perfectly. Reason for selling is that I need an 8” ram. Black paint overspray in second picture has been removed. $125 (Dallas, TX) $145...
  3. Glakeler


    Truck info: 2003 Ram 2500 CCSB 5-speed NV4500 trans NP 271 transfer case Previous Set up: AAM 9.25 w/ thuren truss and Synergy C gussets Synergy long arm kit Synergy Steering Synergy track bar 16" Fox 3.0 IBP coil over Cheapo daystar poly bumps New Set up: Ford Super Duty 60 w/ custom truss...
  4. chaplinfj60

    struggle bus munting my DE ram in TMR mount.

    so i am trying to install a simple weld together TMR universal mount for my DE ram. its welded together fine. but the problem i have are the rod angles. i cant get them even close to correct. i know i could move the high steer arm bolt hole and get them to line up better. the only...
  5. WA Psc 1.5x8 ram SOLD

    Used psc ram, has some rock rash on body. No damage to shaft. 125$
  6. Ram 2021 6.7 cummins modification

    Will a dealer still do recall work on a "modified" truck.
  7. CO 2004.5 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 4x4, Northern CO

    2004 (04.5) Ram 2500 with the 5.9 H.O. Cummins (325hp/600tq). 235,xxx miles. In interest of full disclosure, I traded a land cruiser for this thing a few weeks back. Figured I'd drive it for a bit and see what all the cummins fanboy stuff is about. Don't know anything about it other than what...
  8. ricekrispyota

    UA 2023 Dodge Ram

    Does anyone know where I can find more info on the 2nd gen Dodge Ram that went on UA 2023? I saw some of the specs in the the Motor Trend article, but would like to know more. Thank you .
  9. Covecrawler

    1991 Ram 50 fuel tank

    A friend just picked up a 1991 Ram 50. It’s been sitting and the fuel tank is in terrible shape inside. Rusted. I cannot find a replacement, new or used. It seems as though this is an issue for these trucks. Does anyone know of a decent replacement? Ideas aside from a fuel cell?
  10. Austin

    5th Gen 6.7 HO vibration

    I picked up a 2019 3500 tow pig with 67k. It was already deleted and has a 5" straight pipe. When I test drove it the owner had all his stuff in it and the odd vibration from the glovebox/dash was ignored as he shuffled stuff around and it partially went away. Turns out, it wasn't his stuff...
  11. chaplinfj60

    do my king bolts loosen up easier on single ended ram vs double

    good afternoon, so this past week for the second time in a row of being out i noticed my high steer arm bolts loosened up. the arm is in double shear also. and its only the pass side front two bolts. i was thinking that when my drivers tire hits something hard it sends part of the load...
  12. TX 3rd Gen Ram spare tire tools

    Looking for the lug wrench and tools to drop the spare for a 3rd Gen 2500/3500 Ram 2002-2009 range I believe.
  13. Double ended ram clearance

    Hey I'm putting a d60 under my cj7 right now with a double ended ram and was wondering if the rod or the clevis will twist? I've searched but couldn't find what I'm looking for. I'm wondering because I have my ram set in the spot it needs to be in for packaging purposes but it's very close to...
  14. gt1guy

    Centering Howe 10"x2/5" full hydro ram

    I have a brand now Howe double ended ram. Basically just out of the box. Loosening the hose caps I get no oil, not even a drip. Can't move it by hand. So I assume they only used enough oil to keep the seals from drying out. I need to center the shaft,. Basically sitting at full left lock. Can I...
  15. 17 Ram 3500 winch q's

    2017 Ram 3500 with a Mercenary Offroad front bumper and a Warn M12000. Well...the winch is mounted, but the control pack was going to hit the intercooler. Has anyone relocated the control pack under the hood, then moved the wired remote plug in to an accessible spot? I had to clock the...
  16. Gen 2 Ram Rear axle clunk

    Thought that it was my U-Joints, well I was wrong for those that know, what am I getting into here? I am trying to prepare for the repair, I have just never done a rear end before cliffs: 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel/Auto 4x4 all stock other than the required maintenance 300+k miles some of you...
  17. Slander

    Double ended ram hydro assist

    I searched here and at the old place and only found a few threads, one being JR4X KOH steering here, and one from Willyswanter back in 2003 on p4x4. I think this would be a good potential option for my low slung Toyota on leafs as I have zero room for a ram pretty much anywhere. I don't have...
  18. CDA 455 II


    Southernfriedcj8 made a claim of Dodge Ram trucks being good trucks. Rather than derail that thread I figured I'd start a new dedicated thread on the subject. I'm not a Ram truck fan at all/don't know anything about them. In a few years I will be in the market for a 4X4 chassis cab truck. I've...
  19. MI TMR Universal Steering Ram Mount SOLD

    SOLD!! Brand new TMR Universal Hydraulic Steering Mount. Decided to go a different direction, my loss your gain. Happy to ship, will ship in its original box that is 16"x11"x6" and weights 26lbs. Can provide a quote if you PM me your full address. Not on here a ton but will do my best to...
  20. arse_sidewards

    03, 04 Ram truck service manual 2023-03-12

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