international harvester

  1. 1959 International Metro A 150

    Ok so I was looking into stepvans for a business venture type thing and narrowed it down to a Divco possibly a Ford P500 or an International Metro. Found this mostly complete '59 A 150 with a dana 70 dually and 258 6 cyl. Currently looking for a donor 2500hd to swap a lq4 and a 4l80e from...
  2. 1971 IH 2010a Fleetstar questions

    I have a customer with this truck that is equipped with a grain dump body and a 549 gas engine. They want to do some maintenance to it and have tasked me with doing it. Where can I go to find the correct Pertronix electronic ignition conversion for it as well as plugs, wires, cap, rotor and...
  3. Pomo

    The Wife’s Rig

    ~1973 Scout 2 ~304 v8 ~4 speed manual 4x4 ~Converted truck cab? previous owner did a crappy job…….rusted ………the usual areas ~14 bolt rear, 10 bolt front…..( just bought a d44 housing to swap all the outers to) and I have no idea of gears or lockers, have not got that far yet. ~37” Humvee...
  4. 61scout80

    5x4.5 dana 44 from a '70 800a 2wd?

    Over a year ago now I picked up what was supposed to be a D44 from a 1970 2wd 800a. I finally get it under one of my scout 80's, go to put the wheels on and my 5x5.5's do not fit. It never occurred to me to check the bolt pattern. It looks to be 5x4.5. I can't recall ever hearing of 5x4.5 on...
  5. shortbus4x4

    1949 KB6 4x4

    Scout, Scout, Scout. That's all everyone posts about on this forum.:flipoff2: Time for something a bit different on here.
  6. Anyone have scout 2 sheet metal that's not rotted?

    Pretty much need an entire body.
  7. New Scout

    Look what I dragged home. 350, sm465, 203,205 doubler and no rust to speak of. Ps and brakes. And we already have it running.
  8. LScout800

    Really Stupid

    My search for a parts scout for body panels and the like is coming up dry. Did not know International filled the glovebox with gold... Check out this item on OfferUp.
  9. 79 Scout 2

    So, I own a shop, but for some reason get a bunch of odd ball work at home. The guy that delivers my oil and propane's been watching me build all the crap here. He also likes IH's and has been trying to get War Pig Version 12 from me for a year now. I am now building his 79 Scout 2. I've...
  10. Last minute bay area binder hangout

    This is Jayson with the 74 d100 last minute but it looks like the Hollister trip is not happening this weekend but if anyone local would like to come out to Livermore hills out by Dell valle let me know 24 25 26th for a hangout come just for the day and there is limited camping email...
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