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  1. xr-nut

    KS GM 4.3L Vortec parts Free

    I have a box of 4.3L gm vortec parts. Intake, injector spider, harness, ecm, throttle body, etc. It was on my buggy when I bought it a few years back on the other place. I was tired of an intermittent drive-ability issue so I put on a sniper set up with an hei. i think they are mid 90s era...
  2. IowaOffRoad

    Allison 1000/2000 Technical service information 2023-05-05

    Download to view, thought it was helpful
  3. PurfsMcGurfs

    Gm master cylinder adapter nuts - dont buy fragola.

    Not really super tech but, I thought I would share this to help other guys who may run into the issue. I know gm/toyota guys will run gm masters. I'm currently converting my lines to -3an to add a prop valve and shutoff valve into the rear brake lines and ordered MC adapters to plumb the front...

    TX GM D60 spindle

    Anyone have a pair they're kicking around?
  5. Mvanhelden

    CA GM 32 spline 203 range box

    Came from behind a turbo 400. $150
  6. Mvanhelden

    CA Early GM NV-4500

    Came out of a 92’ 3500 truck, was a local municipality rig with low miles, was in a project truck I built years ago but never really ran it until I parted it out. Located in Scotia, Ca. $750
  7. IowaOffRoad

    NV4500 Rebuild manual and parts diagrams 2023-04-03

    Click Download, .pdf of NV4500 rebuild manual. Pictures are exploded parts diagram