1. CA GM NP205

    Have a few gm Np205 transfercases. 10spl figure 8 pattern. Located in Grass Valley Ca.95945. $500 each.

    VA 03-07 GM HVAC Controls

    Anyone got one lying around? I'll give $20 + shipping
  3. Grendel

    NH GM Dana 60 spring plate

    I have the passenger side, with the studs, want the driver's side. These have the bolt hole for the sway bar.
  4. Grendel

    GM Gen 3/4 Bible

    Having no luck finding a simple “dumb not to do it” list broken out for basic LS maintenance while it’s out for a swap. What am I missing? 2002 6.0 out of my escalade with 175k on it. No issues, good oil pressure, did have a lifter tick in the cold but overall healthy motor. Going into my 68’...

    GM Trailer Wheels

    Can I run the 8 on 6.5 GM aluminum truck wheels on trailer axles? Will I need to bore out the wheel hub? Is the offset close enough?
  6. PAE

    Start current GM 6.0L Gas 6.6L Diesel

    Need a battery isolation device and trying to figure what the starting current to know which one to order. Trucks have a drain that ex boss and I cannot locate so to reserve battery juice without killing battery (Optima) dual red tops in Chevrolet 07 silverado classic/ Optima Yellow tops in...
  7. Rallye

    CA 2004 GM service manual: Safari/Astro

    Full set GM authorized service manual for 2004 GMC Safari/Chevy Astro. In good condition, don’t have the vehicle anymore. eBay has these used for $250; GM wants a subscription for $1000+/year to access manuals online. Both seem a bit steep. Offers? Pick ‘em up in Torrance, CA, or I ship on...
  8. Winchested

    3" wide bushing kit for GM 2.5" front springs (aftermarket spring hangers, 3" inner width.) anyone know a source?

    So I'm racking my brain to try and figure out what spring bushing kit to buy to use with my new Zone 4" GM springs. Do I just buy the kits for the aftermarket leaf springs (the kits that have 1/2" wide bushing shoulders) and sand them down to 3" I see ORD has some options with their Kevlar...
  9. philofab

    IFS GM gears in Dodge AAM 9.25 front axle

    I'm trying to put 5.38s in a 2005 Dodge 2500 9.25 axle. My understanding is you need a spacer to run IFS GM front gears to get this ratio. No big deal. But I happen to have 4 or 5 9.25 IFS front diffs laying around. Can I just steal the carrier from one of those to avoid a spacer? If I buy a new...
  10. CA Gm brake calipers and rotors

    Calipers and rotors Calipers were on a 14 bolt and came from ruff stuff I believe the rotors are the standard 3/4 ton gm rotors for 14 bolt disk swap. I'm not sure where i got them but I did not use them. Specs on rotors: 12 7/8" OD 5" ID Bore 3 1/8" overall width 1 1/2" thick 8x6.5" 11/16"...
  11. 2001 gm 4wd issues

    My buddy called today. Hes having issues with his truck 2001 2500 8.1 push button 4wd 4hi, 4lo with auto4x4. He lives 9 hours from me right now so I cant go look. Its also colder than hell up there. He said when you hit the 4hi or 4lo button you can hear the transfer case shift but the front...
  12. PAToyota

    GMT400 ('88~'98) GM Headliners

    I'm working on fixing up my ugly old '93 K2500 pickup. I'm already into truck freight on a couple items from LMC Truck, so I was looking at their ABS headliners. However, mine has the vinyl headliner and...
  13. blakes

    98 GM 1 ton ABS vibration/pulsing when almost stopped

    '98 Chevy 1 ton 4x4 C&C 454/NV4500 with hydro boost. I replaced the entire front brake system earlier this year including the wheel bearings with new ABS wire. Plenty of fluid. The Brake light occasionally comes on. The ABS light never comes on (does come on when I turn on the key). The...
  14. Gm Dana 60 alternative

    I have been looking for a front gm dana 60 without any luck. Is there any alternative besides settling for a Dana 44
  15. xr-nut

    KS GM 4.3L Vortec parts Free

    I have a box of 4.3L gm vortec parts. Intake, injector spider, harness, ecm, throttle body, etc. It was on my buggy when I bought it a few years back on the other place. I was tired of an intermittent drive-ability issue so I put on a sniper set up with an hei. i think they are mid 90s era...
  16. IowaOffRoad

    Allison 1000/2000 Technical service information 2023-05-05

    Download to view, thought it was helpful
  17. PurfsMcGurfs

    Gm master cylinder adapter nuts - dont buy fragola.

    Not really super tech but, I thought I would share this to help other guys who may run into the issue. I know gm/toyota guys will run gm masters. I'm currently converting my lines to -3an to add a prop valve and shutoff valve into the rear brake lines and ordered MC adapters to plumb the front...
  18. TRINDU

    TX GM D60 spindle

    Anyone have a pair they're kicking around?
  19. Mvanhelden

    CA GM 32 spline 203 range box

    Came from behind a turbo 400. $150
  20. Mvanhelden

    CA Early GM NV-4500

    Came out of a 92’ 3500 truck, was a local municipality rig with low miles, was in a project truck I built years ago but never really ran it until I parted it out. Located in Scotia, Ca. $750
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