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3" wide bushing kit for GM 2.5" front springs (aftermarket spring hangers, 3" inner width.) anyone know a source?


Jun 19, 2020
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So I'm racking my brain to try and figure out what spring bushing kit to buy to use with my new Zone 4" GM springs.

Do I just buy the kits for the aftermarket leaf springs (the kits that have 1/2" wide bushing shoulders) and sand them down to 3"

I see ORD has some options with their Kevlar bushings, I've sent them an email about the overall width on their "stock" width bushings that might be around a 1/4" shoulder?

I like ORD's greaseable stuff but harder to get shipped up to canaduh.

Didn't know if there was and off the shelf bushing set for GM springs and 3" hangers?

Energy or Prothane.

Front eye is 1.5" rear eye is 1.125"

Energy suspension (1/2" shoulders) 3.2112 ($100 cdn amazon.ca)
Prothane (1/2") 7-1015 (175 on amazon.ca....)

Problem with the stock width is the Front large 1.5" bushing is only a 0.21" shoulder not a 0.25"...

Thanks for any insight.
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Kyle at ORD says I need rear spring bushings, need to check if the eye sizes are same.
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