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GMT400 ('88~'98) GM Headliners


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May 27, 2020
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South Central Pennsylvania, USA
I'm working on fixing up my ugly old '93 K2500 pickup. I'm already into truck freight on a couple items from LMC Truck, so I was looking at their ABS headliners.


However, mine has the vinyl headliner and the note specifically says the ABS headliner won't fit models with vinyl headliners. I'd have thought that the cab sheetmetal was the same on all similar (ie: standard cab to standard cab) trucks - no? Does anyone know what the difference is? I'm somewhat leaning towards someone of moderate or better capabilities being able to overcome whatever differences there may be (drill extra holes, remove something, etc), but don't want to find out that there are major differences.

I just called them and the phone people couldn't provide any more information.
Ok, I think I answered my own question...

It looks like the vinyl headliner is just glued to the edges and covered with the crimped edge trim (internet photo, but mine looks like this more or less):

The foam board headliners had extended trim above the doors and across the back of the cab. So to use the ABS headliner, I'd need those extra trim pieces (another internet photo):
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