1. Tryloff

    OH SOLD 86 samurai engine. $200 quincy, ohio

    86 samurai engine. $200 obo Quincy ohio Ran rough but might have been bad gas or weak battery. While it was in the samurai, I did: Timing belt Plugs Wires Cap n rotor Valve cover gasket checked valves Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. Comes with carb, air cleaner, complete engine valve...
  2. Tryloff

    OH SOLD VW Tdi engine BRM, harness, ecu, extras $550

    Asking $550 2006 VW BRM TDI engine, ecm, harness, fuse boxes, throttle, etc. Most of what is needed for a tdi swap. 195xxx miles, timing belt freshly serviced. Regular oil changes, intake manifold cleaned of soot build up. Make an offer or trade for ...
  3. YotaAtieToo

    Anyone see the new Cummins 6.7L gas engine?

    Not much out there yet, but rumor is 350hp/660ft/lbs :smokin: and uses the same block as the diesel. Will be interestimg to see how it plays out. With the diesel rat race seeming to somewhat plateau, I have to wonder if gas engines in the 3/4t and up trucks will be the next passing match...
  4. Tryloff

    OH Looking for carbureted 302 engine.

    Iso a carb 302 engine in running condition. As complete as possible from air cleaner to exh manifolds, accessories, oil pan, etc. Located in Quincy, Ohio. Between lima and dayton.
  5. wvracer821

    Mopar engine build questions for the real builders

    I’m working on stuffing an engine in a ram charger for a buddy and we ran into a snag with push rod length. The block is a typical LA360. The heads are from an old 340. We’re using the normal stamped rockers on the shaft that came on the older mopar stuff. We are on our 2nd set of rockers...
  6. patooyee

    Rear engine 2-seat chassis kit?

    Are there any good ones out there for a 4-cylinder drive train? And to add further difficulty, any for IFS? Interested In both IFS and SFA options.
  7. plym49.2

    TX Air cooled VW flat four engine wanted

    Prefer complete and running, even if poorly.
  8. CDA 455 II


    Where is a nOOB/simple place to put an AM engine temp gauge sensor? Buddy of mine has one and is asking.
  9. Check engine connector removal

    I am building a wire harness for my F-toy buggy. I am asking if a Toyota 22re will run without the check engine connecter Please help.
  10. Sean

    What's the Most Popular V6 Engine for Light Weight Crawlers Currently?

    I'd think the 3.6L GM LFX V6 would be up near the top of list for 2 seat cars. It's in like 13 different vehicles from 2012 to 2020, is pretty cheap complete from junk yards with low miles (sub 20K miles), fairly compact in size and fairly light weight, 305+ hp stock. That said, I'm not seeing...
  11. Bluesky Thinking - Rear Engine AWD VW Bus

    Sorta 4x4 related, figure I'm safe in newb. Rear engine vehicle (VW bus), thinking of ways to make it all wheel drive. There were syncro Vanagons, that used a drive off the main shaft of the trans for a front output like so: They work ok, but are stupid expensive and not really tough. I've...
  12. Another LS engine thread - refresh must-do's while it's out?

    If that helps you trust my experience, I just fired another engine I "put together" (IE cam, springs and AFM delete), with no issues. Also built the harness twice for that one. Buggy was supposed to get a gen3 then the owner changed his mind so I did a 24x to 58x conversion.
  13. Austin

    OM617 Motor Mounts for a 404

    Unimog 404’s have a single motor mount in the front attached to a pendulum on the frame. This allows the drivetrain to move since the frame is designed to twist. The brackets don’t work with the motor I’m swapping in, it had 2 traditional side motor mounts. So I need something new…. And...
  14. CDA 455 II


    Besides weight and dimensional size; Is there a difference between a 250HP-400ft/lbs 302 motor and a 250HP-400ft/lbs 460 motor? OR To put it another way; what would be more desirable: A 250HP-400ft/lbs 302 motor or a 250HP-400ft/lbs 460 motor? I'm pondering a (definite) future engine swap or...
  15. Schmozilla

    SC IBEX 2 Seater Chassis, Engine, Trans, T-case, Axles.

    $16,000 OBO, Located in Greer, SC Fully welded Ibex 2 seat chassis, with interior, skins, suspension mounts. LQ4, cam, tune. Runs great 4L80E, manual valve body, have a reverse manual to go in it. Atlas II T-case 5.0 Front D60, Kingpin, 5.38 gears, Detroit Rear D60, 35 Spline, 5.38 gears...
  16. AZ 2005 volvo s40 t5 turbo awd 6 speed low miles. SOLD

    Fucked engine:flipoff2: Selling for my out of state friend who's kid was going to drive this to Wisconsin, but overheated it in Tucson instead. I verified it got hot, and has minimal compression, they crunched the numbers and are not going to ship it. I'll have a title in a week or so. Very...
  17. PAE

    Chevy engine out of a boat with magneto how to make it run good in a 1985/1986 non smog truck environment ?

    IM not sure about changing the heads as they are sealed with solid copper gaskets at the moment and would need to pull the o rings to run the same or to run oval port (matched) heads with felpro blue head gaskets. Compression is about 8.5-9:1, cam is/was a comp cams blower / turbo grind...
  18. Engine swap engine angle

    I’m swapping a 1KD into my 88 4Runner and have a question about mounting the engine. I was very excited to get started on my engine swap and never bothered to check the angle of the engine/trans before disassembly. I’ve been reading online, but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer. My pinion...
  19. gt1guy

    LS engine grounding

    My understanding of the LS platform is that it very picky about how the grounding is done. (I'd imagine all computer controlled engines are the same) Here's what I have: LS3 crate/6l90, PSI stand alone harness/ fuse block and it has its own battery that's mounted in the back of my gutted JK...
  20. snivilous

    CHEVY LS3 2023-05-12

    Chevy LS3, Credit to Randall E. on GrabCAD
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