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NM Flatfender Gears and Parts: T90, Dana 18 and F/L 134 engine


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Jul 31, 2022
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Abq NM
Located in Abq, NM. Can ship, prices + shipping

T90c 35 tooth cluster gear, NOS, not an import as far as I know. Get that low 1st gear! SOLD
Qty 2, T90a 33 tooth cluster gear. Used. $25 ea. 1 sold, 1 still available
F-Head exhaust manifold, used but nice. Sandblasted and ready to go SOLD
L-Head T-stat housing. Used but nice. Sandblasted and ready for paint. Needs new t-stat insert, old one still installed. $30
L-head Valve cover (side of engine). Used. $10
F-head oil pan w/skidplate. Used, has some brazed repairs at top near flange, few bolt holes cracked towards outside of pan rail. $30
T90 main shafts. Good used $20.
Qty 2 Dana 18 front output housings, used and needs cleaning, bearings, etc. $25 ea.
Dana 18 front output shafts, used $10 ea. have 3 or 4.

I have more parts, mostly T90/D18 gears and parts. Few other engine things like a parts oil pump, valves/springs. Looking for something let me know.



The rest of the random buckets of gears and parts

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