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  1. Freerider15

    CO NP231/Dana 300 Doubler SOLD

    SOLD - NP231/Dana 300 Doubler - $2300 NOTE: At this time I'm looking to sell the setup whole. I am willing to separate and sell, but there are several people who have right of first denial on the D300. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested in either separately. Prices separated...
  2. Dana 300 doubler

    Who here has doubled a toy case to a Dana 300? How do you like it? Has it held up to front digs? Has the front axle held up? I've had a couple trucks with Toyota doublers and never had a problem. This new one I've got I'm thinking about putting a 300 in it. I'll end up having to run my...
  3. Bray D

    Daily Doubler Build - 96 Ranger

    I've resisted this transition, but the time has come. For those that are unfamiliar, I'll try to give this thread a proper jump start. This is the first (and only) truck I have ever owned; picked it up just before my 16th birthday back in 2003. It was my DD until I started getting too much...
  4. Dan

    203/Dana 20 doubler

    Anybody run one of these or know the approximate value? I'm thinking about picking one up that looks like a Dodge or gm 203 and a Ford Dana 20 with T shift which should mean it has 2.43 gears. It also has a 32 spline rear output but no yoke which isn't really a concern but the price should be...
  5. ranger tcase options

    looking at picking up a ranger with a bw1354, just wondering what my doubler options are or if I should look into an atlas? truck will be running 39s