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  1. YotaAtieToo

    Anyone still running the og style 231 doubler?

    Seems like every time I look at the ecobox, the price goes up and the lead time gets longer. Found these for less than half the price. I'll be running about 100hp through an auto then to a 3.8 atlas, bonus is they offer a 32 spline output, which is what the atlas is. Which should eliminate the...
  2. YotaAtieToo

    ID 3.8 pass drop atlas TRADE for 3 or 4 speed setup.

    Older 3.8 atlas, needs a rebuild, has worn thrust bearings and some roller bearing play. Includes full new in box rebuild kit. Currently has 32 spline gm input but will include 23 spline as well. Has 1 1350 yoke and I have 2 new toyota flanges as well. (I may keep these if they will work with...
  3. Sluggy

    Np208 used for a doubler

    More of a question but why doesn't anyone make a planetary doubler using the 208 guts? Only real reason I'm asking is a coworker just threw a good working np208D in the metal scrape bin. I know they have 241,231 and other new process doublers but I've never come across the "208" doubler. Can...
  4. Freerider15

    CO NP231/Dana 300 Doubler SOLD

    SOLD - NP231/Dana 300 Doubler - $2300 NOTE: At this time I'm looking to sell the setup whole. I am willing to separate and sell, but there are several people who have right of first denial on the D300. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested in either separately. Prices separated...
  5. Dana 300 doubler

    Who here has doubled a toy case to a Dana 300? How do you like it? Has it held up to front digs? Has the front axle held up? I've had a couple trucks with Toyota doublers and never had a problem. This new one I've got I'm thinking about putting a 300 in it. I'll end up having to run my...
  6. Bray D

    Daily Doubler Build - 96 Ranger

    I've resisted this transition, but the time has come. For those that are unfamiliar, I'll try to give this thread a proper jump start. This is the first (and only) truck I have ever owned; picked it up just before my 16th birthday back in 2003. It was my DD until I started getting too much...
  7. Dan

    203/Dana 20 doubler

    Anybody run one of these or know the approximate value? I'm thinking about picking one up that looks like a Dodge or gm 203 and a Ford Dana 20 with T shift which should mean it has 2.43 gears. It also has a 32 spline rear output but no yoke which isn't really a concern but the price should be...
  8. ranger tcase options

    looking at picking up a ranger with a bw1354, just wondering what my doubler options are or if I should look into an atlas? truck will be running 39s