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CO NP231/Dana 300 Doubler SOLD

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Jun 1, 2020
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SOLD - NP231/Dana 300 Doubler - $2300

NOTE: At this time I'm looking to sell the setup whole. I am willing to separate and sell, but there are several people who have right of first denial on the D300. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested in either separately. Prices separated are $1700 for the D300, $600 for the doubler case.

This is a NP231/D300 doubler that is out of my buggy (first picture of them mated together is straight out of the rig).

The D300 is a built unit:
  • 23 Spline Input
  • 32 Spline Rear Output (Advance Adapters)
  • 32 Spline Front Output (JB Conversions)
  • TDS Heavy Duty Cover
  • Less than 100 miles on a complete (last season) rebuild (seals, bearing, fork pads, etc.), US Standard Gear kit. All gasket surfaces sealed with the correct Permatex aerobic (e.g. shims) or with right stuff gray RTV This unit has been great, and worked very well.

The only leak point that I've remotely had, is the rear housing vent, as I've got an 1/8" NPT plug in there since I run the unit flipped. Shift rails are double sealed, and modified for front/rear dig. I've never had issues with the unit popping out of gear, I did put in slightly heavier springs to help counter that common "enough" issue. I did drill/tap and RTV in the pill parts, and put some bolts in the bottom on the front housing, since the flimsy metal ones easily leak. The TDS cover is drilled/tapped for a breather (1/8" NPT) that could be easily plugged.

The D300 will come with a 1310 CV, and a 1350 non-CV yoke (not the Toyota flange pictured). I may have another 1350 non-CV that I'd be willing to swap the 1310 for, but that's not for certain. It also comes with a bunch of extra/spare stuff pictured of gears, OEM stuff, cover (not pictured), seals, fork pads, shims, new shift rail pockets, and more.

The NP231 is a 23 Spline Input out of a 1998 Jeep Cherokee. It has had the planetary upgraded to a 6 pinion out of a NP241. As seen in the picture, the 231 was run straight up, so I never drilled/tapped for a sight tube. There is a plug on the flat section, however that could be welded/plugged as desired.

I do have some extras I might be willing to throw in/sell on top, such as Midwest Control shifter cables, a shifter cable mount I made that bolts to the AW4, a heavy duty 1310 driveshaft, and custom shifters (if they'd be any use), modified AW4 tail housing, and anything I can think of that I don't need to keep around.

The doubler is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, however I am willing to ship (though wouldn't be cheap).


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