1. MuntCuffin

    IN Seletable d60 locker

    Location-central indiana Looking for a selectable super duty 60 locker, 35 spline 4.10 and down. Partial to Eaton e-lockers...may consider an ox.
  2. gozuki

    CA WTS D60 Reverse 5.38s with setup kit

    https://www.ronsmachiningservice.net/ring-pinions/dana/dana-60/reverse-rotation/dana-60-5-38-reverse-thick-ring-and-pinion-elite-gear-set/ $300 plus shipping
  3. Is this a d60 or a d44?

    I've sent this to a few friends, I'm getting mixed answers Sure looks like the base of the hub fills up the wheel 78 f250 super cab, door tag says 3800lb front, but things can be swapped in 45 years Is this a d44 or d60? It's a terrible picture. But the best I can get this lady to get me...
  4. Sean

    Will 2nd Gen Ram2500 Rear D60 Spindle Clear a 1.5" Shaft?

    1994-2002 Dodge Ram 2500s with the V8 came with D60 rears apparently. I'd assume these are the 30 spline 1.31" diameter shafts and not the 35 spline 1.5" shafts most of us would want. So the question is: Is the spindle bore large enough to just swap in 1.5" shafts if you're already in there...
  5. Anyone Make a D60 Hub with TT Pattern 6x6.5"

    Curious for a possible future project does anyone make a Dana 60 and GM 14 bolt wheel hub that is a TT 6x6.5" Bolt Pattern? I got a set of TT wheels and tires and planning my next TTB build and will weld holes and machine factory hubs to bolt pattern BUT it would be easier to purchase some...
  6. holdmypocket

    Build Thread - 1978 F150 1-tons and 40s

    I've made enough progress to move this into a build thread and I also have some questions/need some sanity-checks at this point so here it is. I'm starting with a 78 F150 4x4 that I've put a new motor in (400), rebuilt transmission (C6), 2" lift with 33's and overall made into a solid driver...
  7. Sluggy

    CA 70s-93 dodge kingpin d60 housing only

    Basically have a bent housing and want to put all the guts in another good empty housing. Yes I know I could possibly straighten it out or build something out of a rear housing but I just need a bare GOOD condition front housing with carrier bearing caps. Located in the bay area, willing to...
  8. bunk

    TX 3 OG Bobby Long D60 u-joint caps

    I removed these u-joints right when Bobby started selling D60 birfs, ran them a season previous to removal. Just the caps, no cross's, no zerks seals or anything. Id prefer these go to someone who is running Bobbys u-joints and not to someones parts shelf. You cover shipping and they are yours.
  9. Mad Max

    CO 2x ARB lockers: D44 and D60. SOLD

    Like new set of ARBs for a D44 and D60. Both had 5.13s on them. Function perfectly, all hardware included - bearings, lines, and switches. We just got the Jeep and prefer auto lockers - only reason we pulled the ARBs out. Everything is bagged and tagged - only thing not included is the...
  10. lagunaMS

    MS Ford D60 dually hubs

    Have a ford kp d60 from a 90 model I need dually hubs for. Anyone have these? and is there any feasible way to ship them? about to message a guy that's 6 hours away that has them but figured i'd check here first. shipping might be more than the gas for that trip tho
  11. D60 front hub questions

    Odd question. I end up in water and mud a lot and considered drilling and tapping a pair of fill and drain plugs into my front 60 hubs. This way I could use 90 or 140 wt oil and easily drain water contaminated oil and refill. I’m running dually hubs btw. Is this a terrible idea?
  12. Sean

    35 Spline D60 ARB to 40 Spline?

    I know this information must be here somewhere, but I'm not finding it with search. How difficult/expensive is it to take a 35 spline D60 4.56 and up carrier and make it 40 spline? Is machining required to the 35 spline locker? Does it make more sense to just buy a new 40 spline ARB instead...
  13. Chief Rocka

    D60 caliper slide pin retention?

    These slide pins fell out on the trail and cut the day short. This past weekend was the 2nd time it happened in the past yr. I think I'm correctly installing with pin tabs pointing sway from the caliper. Looked into upgrading to bolt-on JB6 or JB7 caliper/bracket but that plan would not work in...
  14. Grronk

    CA New Dana 70 7.17 gears and spool full swap stuff, D60/70 to yota flange, Advance Adapter FLANGE YOKE 1310-1350CV &NON

    Going different direction with my next build. This stuff has just sat on my shelf, never used. Here is the break down of the D70 7.17 gear and spool setup. $900 shipped Pics of everything Also have a Dana 60/70 to toyota flange - $80 shipped - SOLD
  15. Wubsor

    CA TRADE - (my) Dana 60 5on5.5 Hubs and Rotors for (your) 8on6.5

    Like the title says, I have a set of Solid Axle Industries 5x5.5 Dana 60 Hubs and rotors. I thought I'd use them but I've decided I'd rather just stick with 8 lug. Anyone willing to trade straight across for some 8x6.5 hubs and rotors? I am willing to throw the caliper and caliper brackets in...

    Front axle stretch...

    Can I move the steering box forward to make room for a front stretch? YJ on a 3 link coilovers... hydro assist. Is 4" possible?
  17. TRINDU

    TX GM D60 spindle

    Anyone have a pair they're kicking around?
  18. junkytj

    AR Dana 60 axles, D60 or 14b disk conversion stuff, D60 diff cover

    I blew the ring and pinion out of my 60 rear and moved to a 14 bolt, so I stripped out the useful stuff and offering it to you lucky bastards. All located in NW Arkansas 72758 I've got one Dana 60 Yukon chromoly axle 30 spl, length measurement in the picture -$125 I've got one stock Dana 60...
  19. pennsylvaniaboy

    Dana 300 flip it, or cut and switch a D60

    So I am in the process of gathering drivetrain parts for a buggy build. Here is the current plan -> 3.9 LZ9/904/ecobox/d300. This will feed a '05+ Dana 60 and sterling I know the d300 is passenger drop, and has some shortcomings, but I have a rear girdle for it that should solve the spreading...
  20. subybaja

    D60 knurled balljoints?

    I pulled my '95 D60 knuckle to send in for highsteer machining. It's got crap knurled BJs. I'd really like to replace them with Spicers when it goes back together. EMF gives this spec...
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