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  1. Grronk

    CA New Dana 70 7.17 gears and spool full swap stuff, D60/70 to yota flange, Advance Adapter FLANGE YOKE 1310-1350CV &NON

    Going different direction with my next build. This stuff has just sat on my shelf, never used. Here is the break down of the D70 7.17 gear and spool setup. $900 shipped Pics of everything Also have a Dana 60/70 to toyota flange - $80 shipped
  2. Wubsor

    CA TRADE - (my) Dana 60 5on5.5 Hubs and Rotors for (your) 8on6.5

    Like the title says, I have a set of Solid Axle Industries 5x5.5 Dana 60 Hubs and rotors. I thought I'd use them but I've decided I'd rather just stick with 8 lug. Anyone willing to trade straight across for some 8x6.5 hubs and rotors? I am willing to throw the caliper and caliper brackets in...

    Front axle stretch...

    Can I move the steering box forward to make room for a front stretch? YJ on a 3 link coilovers... hydro assist. Is 4" possible?

    TX GM D60 spindle

    Anyone have a pair they're kicking around?
  5. junkytj

    AR Dana 60 axles, D60 or 14b disk conversion stuff, D60 diff cover

    I blew the ring and pinion out of my 60 rear and moved to a 14 bolt, so I stripped out the useful stuff and offering it to you lucky bastards. All located in NW Arkansas 72758 I've got one Dana 60 Yukon chromoly axle 30 spl, length measurement in the picture -$125 I've got one stock Dana 60...
  6. pennsylvaniaboy

    Dana 300 flip it, or cut and switch a D60

    So I am in the process of gathering drivetrain parts for a buggy build. Here is the current plan -> 3.9 LZ9/904/ecobox/d300. This will feed a '05+ Dana 60 and sterling I know the d300 is passenger drop, and has some shortcomings, but I have a rear girdle for it that should solve the spreading...
  7. subybaja

    D60 knurled balljoints?

    I pulled my '95 D60 knuckle to send in for highsteer machining. It's got crap knurled BJs. I'd really like to replace them with Spicers when it goes back together. EMF gives this spec...
  8. total newb

    Front d60 shaft length list

    Ive got some spare outer parts and am thinking about doing something stupid with them. Anybody got an actual list with the inner shaft lengths thats reasnable to comprehend and compare? Im finding them listed seperatly or people just spouting pn#.
  9. 99-04 d60

    What’s the downside to using one of these? Need to replace the d44 in my ghetto hillbilly mud truck with something stronger and I have the 03 60 from a c&c f350 here.
  10. D60 Spindle Blocks

    OK So many years ago I know ruffstuff was selling full float axle ends to run a D60 front spindle and hub. Well I'm building a TTB Front end and am contemplating designing some new knuckles for that to get better brakes AND steering arm location for my steering geometry. So who makes a D60 5...
  11. YotaAtieToo

    New tech for old axles? (kingpin)

    As much as I'm a fan of the newer BJ stuff, I already have a kingpin axle, that got 70% of the shit I need on it. Brakes? Big brake kits: Ecgs, 13" rotors (isn't that the same as stock?) says 16s fit, doesn't say what application the rotors and calipers are...
  12. CDA 455 II

    '05+ Ford Super Duty Dana 60 Axle Tech & Info

    I'd like this thread to become the '05+ axle bible for tech and info. Since this is the next big project on my FSB... nOOB question: What do I need in order to swap a complete brake set up from an F-350 onto an F-550 axle? WEAVER FABRICATION has steering arms etc for the '05+ axles...