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  1. 4th Gen 4runner strength considerations

    Decided to start doing something somewhat productive with my 4runner. It's completely stock, and is in desperate need for some new struts/shocks. If I'm going to do that, then I'm going to at least put fun ones on there. I'm looking at possibly going with a long travel setup, being it's a DD...

    FL Wanted front bucket seats for 1997 4runner

    willing to pick them up in south florida. Let me know what ya have.
  3. OR 1991 Toyota 4Runner parts

    I just bought a Forest Green 1991 Toyota 4Runner. I need a matching pair of front fenders and hood with decent paint. -Good grill, chrome headlight surrounds, metal headlight buckets and front side marker light wiring pigtails. All the attaching fasteners for these things. -Need a nice...
  4. ricekrispyota

    99 4runner Trans temp sensor issue??

    1999 4runner 5VZ-E automatic 4wd My kid recently moved up to Montana. A couple weeks ago his check engine light came on and the code was for the trans temp sensor. He let the truck sit for a couple days and when he turned it back on, the CEL was off. He drove the truck for about a week without...
  5. Yotacrawlin

    1 ton 97 4Runner build

    “Rock Lander” will be street driven, rock crawler, camping with the family rig. 97 4Runner 3.4 auto 05 Dana 60, 1550 shafts, 5.38s, welded Sterling 10.5 5.38s, E locker Wfo concepts radius arm kit up front 12” fox 2.0 coil overs 250/300 63s rear with 14” fox 2.0 shocks 40” Mickey Thompson boss...
  6. SkeeeeLow

    GA WTB 4runner or 4x4 4 my girl

    Yall my girl wants a lil 4x suv or truck or something to drive to school an work sometimes an go down dirt roads here an there an learn how to turn a wrench on some. It aint gotta be nothing fancy, but nice to be running an driving for starters. Not much rust, reckon body damage is aight cos...
  7. Swayzeexpress

    IL New carhartt seat covers 5th gen 4runner

    https://www.covercraft.com/us/en/product/carhartt-seatsaver-custom-seat-covers.SSC-SSCA Still in the box, mine got totalled and found em in the garage. Box beat up a little but unopened. 100 shipped
  8. 123danb

    Best leaf springs for my 91' SAS 4runner? (wheeling/camping/road use)

    As title states I am trying to decide what leafs to use when doing the SAS in my 91' 4runner w/ 3.4 swap. Its my first time building a solid axle rig, so if I ask anything dumb please chalk it up as I am new to this crap lol. I have the Sky's SAS kit with ultra clearance front hangar and high...
  9. OR 22RE and 22R and 4rn randoms

    In Portland can ship. ‘83 22R alternators when is a takeoff that if I recall correctly tested OK, the other was rebuilt locally. Note the two different plug types. Got these from my dad when he was cleaning out his garage. Not 100% positive about the year, refer to plug type $30 each ‘98 3RZ...
  10. Bullitt1

    OH 2ND Gen Toyota 4Runner steering shaft

    Looking for a intermediate steering shaft for Gen2 4Runner really just need the splined section at the top of the shaft above the bellowed area.
  11. 1st gen 4runner tank relocation

    I'm considering moving my stock tank to sit behind the rear axle between the frames rails. Have any of you done this? I'd love pics and to hear about it. Mark
  12. 1995 toyota 4runner rear axle help / chromoly axle

    I have a 1995 toyota 4runner im building . im putting in chromoly axles by longfield. the issue i have is the abs cog when pressed on has no room for the last race bearing to be put on leaving no proper seal. the main reason for all this is im doing a rear disk brake conversion . i have no clue...
  13. 1995 4Runner Build - 3.4L + Axles

    This vehicle belongs to a good friend of mine. I have know him since childhood, and his family introduced me to offroading and have always been there for me on that front. They are the only reason I went to my first King of the Hammers in 2017. Over the past 12-18 months, he has been...
  14. Rooney77

    TX 3rd Gen 4runner

    Looking for a solid and mostly stock 4x4 96-02 4runner. Needing to replace my DD with one and was hoping someone here had one.
  15. 3rd Gen 4runner rack’n pinion to older style?

    Howdy Yall 🤙🏻 Just picked up a sweet 99 SR5 last night. It’s a solid rig but the steering rack is leaking. I’m trying to think ahead cause the eventual plans for this rig is a SAS, am I nuts to go ahead and retrofit a 2nd gen steering box with the stock IFS? It make’s perfect sense in my...
  16. F150 Tank Swap 3rd Gen 4runner

    1997 Toyota 4runner Limited SAS with F150 tank swap (NO BODY LIFT). Below is the parts list and information regarding this swap as well as resources and links for the products. Vehicle is running and driving and can hold WOT up to 65mph no problem, no sputters or anything. Parts List: Ford...
  17. 5th gen 4Runner late FJ cruiser 8.2 axle

    I know these had the weird 12 bolt ring gear and carrier. Has any one ever used this third with a standard 8in carrier and gear set? 4.88 is the lowest ratio I’ve found for factory 8.2 12bolt carrier. I have access to a free complete axle with a bent tube and maybe shaft. I thought about getting...
  18. ricekrispyota

    Strange noise randomly occuring-99 4runner

    Hello, My son has a 99 4runner with about 230k miles on it. We have replaced the lower control arms, front sway bar bushings and end links, lower ball joints, outer tie rods. The ball joints and tie rod ends were "upgraded" to 99 Tacoma since I was told they were stronger. We installed a 1.5"...
  19. rattlewagon

    First gen 4runner gets a fresh 22re

    A friend bought this big first gen and the motor doesnt have much compression. Truck has normal toyota stuff. AllPro sas parts/bumpers/sliders. duals/ 5.29s and 40s. This truck is tall. Plan is to swap in a fresh longblock, and get it back on the road and headed to the ice cream stand with the...
  20. snivilous

    3rd Gen 4Runner/1st Gen Tacoma +3.5" Long Travel 2023-05-12

    3rd Gen 4Runner/1st Gen Tacoma +3.5" Long Travel with plate construction (may require modification)
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