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Unimog 404.111 build

Spent late Fri afternoon and Sat in the shop watching the KoH feeds and working on small things during the slow times….

Had the exhaust tig welded for me and got it put back on while the cab is on. Really pleased with the way it snakes through such tight spaces.

I started stitching together the driver’ side foot well that had to be narrowed to fit the bigger motor. Never did body work like this, kinda sucks. I need to get a smaller grinder vs my angle grinder.

Also had to widen the doghouse. Looks bowed in the pic b/c there are tabs I didn’t cut off yet, it lays flat now. Leaves me just enough room to a trail sodie holder…

I had to essentially remove the whole space that the gas pedal was taking up, so my pedal space is narrower. I got Wilwoods pedal setup which is narrow and somewhat adjustable. I cut a base plate that matches the base of the pedals to keep it from holding dirt/mud….

I’m really happy with the way they fit, I was worried my hiking boots, which I typically wear wheeling, would be crammed but this should work nice, even with the heater core (above) back in place:

They are sitting about 1.5” low in that pic, but once I make a mount to raise them I should still be able to squeak the PTO shaft right below/between the steering pump and pedals

I wanted to measure for a fuel tank between the frame and eyeball how a cantilever suspension would fit so I pulled the springs and set the frame on the bump stops to see what full compression looked like…..

…. Then I couldn’t get the Lowrider song out of my head.

I also moved my (mocked up) radiator to the rear where I think I may move it to leave the grill open to see through and let more air flow through there.

and while I was l looking for petty things to do I got on PRP’s site and mocked up the seats I wanted. I knew this cab was smaller but …. Damn….

I may be looking at a 12” body stretch 🙄
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Don't get it perfect. Just get it driving.
I hear ya, lots of other aspects will be effected by the cab size tho, roll cage, bed size (which I may be fab'n) ... but mostly getting seats to fit. These were designed with jump seats that are more/less like those swiveling small bass boat seats. Proper harnesses need proper seats and if the bottom of that seat takes 1/2 the leg space that isn't going to be comfy to drive. I get what you're saying tho.
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