1. Austin

    OM617 Motor Mounts for a 404

    Unimog 404’s have a single motor mount in the front attached to a pendulum on the frame. This allows the drivetrain to move since the frame is designed to twist. The brackets don’t work with the motor I’m swapping in, it had 2 traditional side motor mounts. So I need something new…. And...
  2. ShitBoxSam

    om617 swap?

    “Non turbo 5 cylinder Mercedes Bought as a running motor. unsure of mileage, has all brackets and accessories, message for inquiry” I’m pretty tempted to pick this thing up. I know they are turds n/a but getting a factory turbo setup wouldn’t be too tough. With this kind of price for a running...
  3. Austin

    Unimog 404.111 build

    I’ve always wanted a Unimog and was looking for something a little more unique than my JK to have wrapped to help advertise the site. Found this guy just outside Vegas and it was just what I was looking for. Major shout out to Pyleit for going and checking it out before I bought it and to...
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