1. Austin

    Horizontal radiators

    I'm debating moving the radiator to the rear under the bed. It's not uncommon for street cars to put them horizontally under the trunk but havent seen many on off-road rigs for understandable reasons. I have a bit more clearance than the ricers so I'm debating on putting it someplace like...
  2. Austin

    OM617 Motor Mounts for a 404

    Unimog 404’s have a single motor mount in the front attached to a pendulum on the frame. This allows the drivetrain to move since the frame is designed to twist. The brackets don’t work with the motor I’m swapping in, it had 2 traditional side motor mounts. So I need something new…. And...
  3. Austin

    MO Unimog 404 Beadlock Wheels

    These are custom made 3 piece 17” Stazworks double beadlocks with rock rash guards. Matte Black & Olive Drab in color. They have a 4.5” backspacing to fit over the stock 404 drums. $4k for all 5 of them. They only got 1 run on them, more like a leisurely stroll around the lakebed, before I...
  4. Korzenowsky

    Unimog 404 Axles Under a '03 Silverado (Build thread)

    Concept: Got tired of my slow “Do everything right” DOT Legal Cummins build, wanted something to beat on. Not gonna be Linked or bagged or coiled, or double/triple/yota transfer cased to the nuts, I don't need fancy, Manitoba is flat, so lots of rad clogging mud and foliage, occasional creek run...
  5. Austin

    GA Unimog 404 - Kennesaw, GA --> St. Louis, MO

    I made a deal on a parts mog and wanted to see if anybody heading along this path with trailer space. Mog does not run but owner has plenty of big equipment to load it.
  6. VA 1957 Unimog 404.115 | Time to sell

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my '57 unimog 404.115 and was hoping for a bit of insight into what she's worth...or find a buyer. Reason I'm letter her go is due to finding a U1300L that would suit us better. Details: Former fire brigade truck with the firebox removed and a military drop side...
  7. 87BJ74

    Unimog 406 in a shed

    Starting a new project. 79 Unimog 406-- OM352 Diesel This truck has been sitting in a shed for 10ish years hasn't been on a public road in close to 15 years. The previous owner had the intentions to fully restore the truck but lost interest and its been sitting ever since. The motor has been...
  8. Austin

    Unimog 404.111 build

    I’ve always wanted a Unimog and was looking for something a little more unique than my JK to have wrapped to help advertise the site. Found this guy just outside Vegas and it was just what I was looking for. Major shout out to Pyleit for going and checking it out before I bought it and to...
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