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Shit Lips
May 19, 2020
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Kingsport, TN
I'll go first just to piss off the other 99% of Cherokee owners that think the real ones are from 1984 and up :flipoff2:

1975 Cherokee

Like me some O.G. gladiator platform!
fukk the soccer mom wagons!
AND the new krowt krap!
That shit is bad ass, don’t care what anyone says. My pile is tore apart right now getting built.

Working on this one. Just got the new t-400 in and transfer case. Should I use the actual TCL-1 in the BW 1339 or with the lucas oil 75-90 work in there just fine? Holley sniper kit and button up should happen this weekend.
It’s not a shot box yet but give it a couple more weeks just picked it up.

Theres no KJ forum :shaking: what the hell?! So here’s one of my frameless, fake Jeep projects I’m building for my wife. ORIs up front and leafs in the rear, as low as I could keep it on 37s. RCV’d 44 front with 9” rear.

do we flamefest unibody rigs here @Austin???
fukkin gettit! Bud
6 deep inna case SO be nice...
Here’s my 88 Wagoneer XJ. Picked it up in California last August, drove it back to Milwaukee with completely blown out steering and engine mounts and then put it in storage till April this year. Started on some upgrades once I got it home. Front and rear D44’s from a J10 pickup, 5.5” lift, long arms, 35’s, high steer, stiffeners, lots of front end parts, and stretched the wheelbase to about 110”, maybe 112”. Tons of stuff on it from Ironman4x4fab, Artec, Ballistic, TNT, Rusty’s, and some more to come.



98 ZJ Laredo 4.0, 5.5" iron rock long arm suspension up front. Short arms in rear because its got D35, and I'm not going to weld a 4 link truss to it. 295/70/17 (34") Milestar Patagonia MTs. Eventually It will get a Ford 8.8. Unfortunately i dont have fab skills or tools, so I'll likely have to save my pennies for one already set up to bolt in.. :lmao::lmao:


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