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  1. Will12785

    NY 1998 Jeep Cherokee $23,000

    I'm listing this for my friend, I'll relay any questions to him, but your better off reaching out to him directly. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1379594532878391/?mibextid=6ojiHh This was originally built by Ian Johnson on two episodes of Xtreme off-road. This is not your...
  2. Clastic

    “Clastic may be an idiot” or should (and how) do I make a Cherokee Ftoy?

    Short version. Friend of mine has a Cherokee that’s been sitting. Basic rig. Got an 8.8 rear, I think 4.56’s and off brand 35’s. It’s never had armor of any kind. Windows are beat out of it, rockers have a nice curve, and the body is toast. But then I got to thinking about Action Fabs...
  3. McCracken

    Post your shitbox here

    I'll go first just to piss off the other 99% of Cherokee owners that think the real ones are from 1984 and up :flipoff2: 1975 Cherokee