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Lower control arm bushings 01 Silverado

01 Sleeperado

Feb 27, 2023
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Anyone have trouble finding bushing for their lower control arms for 2000-06 HD models? Depending on the parts store they can either find one that’s too short and don’t fit or they can’t find them at all. They can sell me an entire new control arm with the bushings in it, but I just want the damn bushings. Anyone ran into this in the past?? Aftermarket recommendations?? Amazon shows them but I don’t trust the quality of the cheap Chinese plastic/rubber.

A little back story, the truck is a 2001 1500HD with 220K miles and it’s in damn nice shape. I put a new set of tires on and have taken it by les schwab’s 3 different times to get an alignment done. Every time their answer was ‘oh the pitman arm’ or ‘oh the ball joint’ and they wouldn’t align it even though I said just get it close.

Anyway, I decided fine I’ll just rebuild the front end, new ball joints, tie rods, bushings, steering arm, ect. Taking the truck apart, every component has felt damn tight, no play, no nothing. Worst think I can say is that one of the upper ball joints had a small hole in the grease boot. But finding these damn control arm bushings has been a pain in the ass. Now that I’m 1000$ into basically re doing the front end for fun it would have been cheaper just to buy 3 sets of craigslist tires and chew them up with the poor alignment. I just can’t believe that it's so hard to find bushings because it's the same busing for 1500HD, 2500 and 3500 of 6 years.


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Chevy might vulcanize the rubber bushings to the steel control arm. I know Toyota likes to do that. That way you don't get squeaks from rubber rubbing against steel.
back when i still had IFS the only thing available for the lower arm was poly or a full arm with rubber. guessing the aftermarket never stepped up to make a rubber drop in bushing.

Bought plenty from partsgeek.
When I did my 2500 I bought new arms because I didn’t want to deal with pushing out old bushings and pushing new ones in. It’s a lot faster, and I was also doing the entire front end. It wasn’t cheap, and it wasn’t a big fight. It might have come with a new lower ball joint too.
Alright, I'm back with an update. I got sick for a week and had to deal with some family things. Anyway, Yes, I did plenty of looking online and I didn't find anything much different than the bushings I had from Napa that are in the photos of my first post.
I finally said the hell with it and took the arms and bushings to a local shop just to see. They charged me 50 bucks to push the new ball joints and bushings in. Money well spent. I can't believe how much the bushings stretched and deflected. (see attached photos). They must have stretched about 0.5" on either end. So, I guess I learned something new about bushings.
I did think about just buying entire new control arms already assembled, and cost aside, I think that the factory control arms are actually better. I did buy new upper arms and the factory ones are 'boxed' basically 2 pieces of c-channel nested and welded together. The brand-new ones are just stamped metal and the cross section resembles more of a horseshoe shape. Anyone have a comment here?


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What about the ball joints ?
The shop pressed in the new ball joint from Napa also. There was plenty of selection for ball joints. No problems there so far. I'll start reassembly in the coming evenings.
A shop I took my 07/3500 chevy said not to reuse the arms due to ball joints falling out.
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