1. 00nissanguy

    Radius arm bushings

    Who knows radius arms and can help out? Currently running the ruffstuff universal radius arm setup. It uses poly bushings at the 4 axle mounts. Kit has about 3k miles on it and 12 miles of the rubicon and the bushings are soo blown out we had to make a new one out of a fan belt. I know the jeep...

    Power assist idler arm

    Instead of a conventional idler arm, I'm using a RHD power steering box on my IFS 4runner. Would drilling and tapping the boxes for standard hydro assist, and connecting them as such, utilize the RHD box as a power assist instead of dead weight? behold the artists rendering: (pay no...
  3. Lower control arm bushings 01 Silverado

    Anyone have trouble finding bushing for their lower control arms for 2000-06 HD models? Depending on the parts store they can either find one that’s too short and don’t fit or they can’t find them at all. They can sell me an entire new control arm with the bushings in it, but I just want the...
  4. IowaOffRoad

    Dropped pitman, raised steering arm, or offset drag link? D44/10B steering discussion

    Figured this belonged in the newb section. I haven't kept up with "best practices" on steering correction on non-crossover steer vehicles. I'm sure there's plenty of opinions on this but I'd like to see if there's a consensus. Wanting to go the best way on my budget '90 sub, but think this...
  5. AgitatedPancake

    1480 Ujoint Removal - Pitman Arm Puller

    This is probably something everyone knows and I’m just slow, but I was pulling my 1480 joints earlier today and found out a pitman arm puller is the right size to make things easier. The more you know. If you have other tips and tricks, feel free. I’ve been eyeing those specific ujoint...
  6. chaplinfj60

    broken high steer arm studs KP 60 this is my go to extractor set

    good am so this is my favorite extractor set out there. kinda a shit vid. but i think you can get the idea.
  7. Centering steering/ pitman arm

    putting a new ifs box on my samurai. When swapping my pitman arm, the flat one that I’ve been using had no alignment marks, bottom of sector shaft does. So I did my best guess to line up the pitman arm, and now the steering is off. It could also be off if my steering shaft is off a tooth as...
  8. snivilous

    RuffStuff 48in Trailing Arm 2023-05-12

    RuffStuff 48in Trailing Arm, not highly detailed but has the gross dimensions and pivot points
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