1. Dirtyjed

    Warn 4 wire control plug diagram

    Anyone have a diagram for a 4 wire Warn controller. From a EVO 10s. I accidentally ripped the wires out pulling it off in the snow and can't find the diagram online. TIA
  2. Lower control arm bushings 01 Silverado

    Anyone have trouble finding bushing for their lower control arms for 2000-06 HD models? Depending on the parts store they can either find one that’s too short and don’t fit or they can’t find them at all. They can sell me an entire new control arm with the bushings in it, but I just want the...
  3. RunningProblem

    NV Fire Control Group $40

    I have a few complete fire control groups I installed then replaced. I never took these out shooting. Complete with everything you’d need. They came out of PSA build kits. $40 each shipped.
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