1. 00nissanguy

    Radius arm bushings

    Who knows radius arms and can help out? Currently running the ruffstuff universal radius arm setup. It uses poly bushings at the 4 axle mounts. Kit has about 3k miles on it and 12 miles of the rubicon and the bushings are soo blown out we had to make a new one out of a fan belt. I know the jeep...
  2. Big4x4ride

    TX Poly bushings and sleeves

    I have several new poly bushings and sleeves that I won’t use anywhere. Quick Google search shows these things for $20ish per setup and $11 for bushings alone. $100 shipped takes everything pictured. Located in Corpus Christi Tx. 7 - 2” .250 wall sleeves 2.125” wide 6 - MO2247/MO2153 bushings...
  3. Lower control arm bushings 01 Silverado

    Anyone have trouble finding bushing for their lower control arms for 2000-06 HD models? Depending on the parts store they can either find one that’s too short and don’t fit or they can’t find them at all. They can sell me an entire new control arm with the bushings in it, but I just want the...
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