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Jun 16, 2020
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Blew the 3.6 in the jk. Decided I wanted to ls swap and slap some super duty axles under it. 5.38s e lockers the whole shebang. Slow process due to have a kiddo in late March and buying a house in early March. Had a 04 5.3 and 4l60e slapped in its forever home with a complete standalone zero wiring left of the jk. till plans changed.Had to sell the tons and the guy wanted the whole drivetrain too. Made me a sea I couldn’t refuse and started back to square one.
So I decided to say screw it might as well do 2.5 tons and picked up a set.
need a new power plant and was on the hunt. Found a buddy with a yukon denali sitting in his yard for a few years with a leaky heater core. Scored it for a 1k and have almost sold more parts off it than what I paid for it.
It’ll have a lq4 and a 4l65e 241c combo.
now here’s were I go full retard, up here in ask all the big size buggies CC trucks with the long wheelbases seem to do amazing. So I decided to extend the frame four feet and make a mini extended cab 2 door jk out of what’s left of it Atleast





Started cleaning and removing the brake drums off the old rocks. And got the 63s tacked up.



Finally, a JK that will weigh more than mine.:flipoff2:

Hahahah it might be close. Still only a 2 door tho!

what’s everyone’s thoughts on a 3 link with rockwells? Kind of debating doing it seeing as I have all the parts and pieces to do it.
I'd start checking out all the buggy builds running those axles. I know I've seen more than a few linked. Running a single upper with the weight of those axles, I'd make that fucker beefcake strong.
I can’t fuckin’ tell which are your build pics and which are someone’s avatar pics. WTF. :rolleyes:


Running a rear 4 link on my Blazer at about 138” (?) wheelbase. I can’t imagine the weight on the 3 link as mentioned above on the front of mine (currently leaf sprung).
BTW my rear 64s hated life. I went through 3 anti wrap bars in the rear and was never happy how it sat. It did flex like a mofo but would ride on the bumpstops and jump all over the piece. Maybe I shoulda dialed it in better. :homer:
Been busy with work the kiddo and starting a dude business painting houses to found the project. But did squeeze in time to do some googling and more research. Definitely don’t think a 3 link is strong enough well not the reliability I want with Rockwell’s.
also got some quotes on tires and damn living in Ak sucks. Got quoted 1000$ for shipping from WCR For 19.5s. Then 2k for a set of 20-24 from D &D paddy tires.
tricks to get cheaper shipping?
tricks to get cheaper shipping?

I've actu'ly bought my last few sets from Amazon ... with free shippin'. :grinpimp: That's a good savin's on (5) 40's.

Unfortunately, I truly doubt they carry what you want. And does Amazon even do free shippin' on anythang all the way up to you? 'Magine livin' in paradise has its price.
Minor progress with the house projects keeping me busy. Got a spool installed on the rear center chunk.
This center chunk weighs more than I ever want to touch it again. I think I blew my back out lifting it on to the bench.





Progress is happening slowly with the little QC watching me the whole time. But got the rear axle rebuilt and in place. Just need to order pinion brakes for both axles and install. Got around to finally pulling the motor out of the donor rig. Man do I miss working in a shop. Just waiting on new motor mounts from RPM. Forgot to order them. But I have everything to build my front suspension now. Scored 8 JJ FOR $300 brand new. And starting to tear down and rebuild the front axle with the little peanut.





Slowly but surely, grabbed five buddies and got the tub set back on the frame. Built my 4 link Probably have the front axle pushed 6-8” forward from the factory location. I plan on running a 58. Got my pinion brakes installed, Picked up some 1-3/4 Dom to build some A pillars and my dash. Have lots of parts sitting in boxes waiting to be installed.




Shooting for more like the second picture. Trying to keep the jk tub to seal up and be comfortable. But still have room for storage and the dirt dog. Should give me roughly a 4.5’ bed. I picked up a 4x10’ sheet of 16 gauge to skin the whole side.


Little update, bought a Woodward fab bender, manual. That last a while two bends then ordered a ram for it. It’s in the mail on the way, figured out how to get my coils mounted and spaced out without rubbing. Put gussets and braced a lot of link mounts and crossmember. Only get time to work on it when the kiddo is napping. Been picking up side work on my off time d




Should be able to make some real progress on this soon off for a week with not too much to do for once, should give me plenty of time to dial in the new millermatic 215
ordered a radiator this week from overland performance.


Got my frame for the dash built have a steering wheel in there too with a quick disconnect. Not pictured I’m bad at taking pictures. Got my subframe built which should be more than strong enough to handle the stress of my frame extension. And the “mullet” part of the jeep built for the most part. It’ll look a lot better with wheel wells cut out. Shooting for 140-150” wheelbase




Of course got my helper back out in the garage when finally have something to do that’s not loud, welding or grinding.




Started plating the dash, lots of fit up, grind, repeat. Have to redo the middle section but figured I’d like to get all my holes cut out in it first. For the shifters and cup holders etc.





Looking real good.

Are you keeping the tailgate between the bed and the rest of the Jeep tub?
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