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Dodge NV4500 to LS help


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May 19, 2020
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I’ve currently got a dodge nv4500 in my cj. Running Advanced adapters amc bellhousing adapter to Jeep 4.0 using a t-176 bellhousing.

getting ready to step up in power as the 4.0 is undersized. Done lots of reading but confusing info. So here’s what I think I need to mate it up to an Ls.

chevy input shaft 22 gear to match up to my 5.61 ratio in my nv4500. 95 and newer Chevy bellhousing bolts up to dodge case (not sure 100% on this) with internal slave (this doesn’t bother as it would give me more room under the Jeep. Any 12 inch 1 1/8” 10spline Chevy clutch.
Did AA offer a bellhousing to go from Dodge NV4500 to LS? It might be cheaper to just do that.

You are correct on the input gear(non-early Chevy input)... I think you also needed to get the front bearing retainer also since the Chevy input is shorter than Dodge.

Can't help you on the clutch... I went with AA package to use Land Cruiser slave.
Which dodge nv4500?
Gas and diesel have different diam input.

Aa may just have a spacer plate to pust the trans back 1" to make up the length difference between dodge and gm.

But if its diesel nv youll need to swap inputs
Yeah I’ve been in contact with advanced adapters But they don’t seem to know. It’s a dodge gas input as it’s mated up to Jeep clutch now. Keeping the motor forward might help any firewall clearances I may have.
So I ended up using a Chevy input and internal slave bearing restrainer and bellhousing. The internal slave has a race that’s in the input retainer that is different than dodge and external Chevy race. This requires you to reshim the main shaft. I used 2003 Chevy 2500 clutch, slave. I used wilwood 260-5679 master with .700 bore same as factory master for the 2500.
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