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  1. ManKrawler

    New build, rear steer or no?

    I run out of talent pretty quick, rear steer will not help, but... When does rear steer become helpful? I am at 121" of wheelbase now and could use it, but am scheming on a new rig to start this winter. The new build should be around 120" wheelbase with 45 degrees of front steering angle. I...
  2. Gunwalls_Buckthorne

    14 bolt pinion bearing replacement

    1987 v30 SRW….. The birdcage holding the tapered pinion bearing in the pinion broke and allows the bearings to rub when coasting. I know the “right” thing to do would be pull everything apart and set everything up again properly. However, could a guy pull just the pinion out, put new...
  3. Skiman26

    2000 tj alternator upgrade

    I have seen where you can install Durango alternators in certain year wranglers with the 4.0 but there seems to be some conflict on whether this works with the 2000 model year jeep. Does anyone know definitely?
  4. Ebs

    ID these mil beadlocks

    17x8.5 and 8x6.5 bolt pattern What are they off of and do I want them for $100/wheel?
  5. Poopyface

    1st Gen Rav4 wtf's

    96 Rav4 Auto AWD Needed a rig after trading the 4runner in for a new vehicle for the lady so I bought this off a co worker for $1k. It's from Colorado so no rust which is why I bought it. It has 240k miles on it and runs pretty good except for some issues that maybe you guys can help me with. I...
  6. subybaja

    D60 knurled balljoints?

    I pulled my '95 D60 knuckle to send in for highsteer machining. It's got crap knurled BJs. I'd really like to replace them with Spicers when it goes back together. EMF gives this spec...
  7. TrikeKid

    UTV winches on light weight rigs

    Looking at swapping my Willys over to an electric winch to save some weight and declutter the underside of the rig. Also swapping transmissions and not sure my current PTO setup would even work with the new setup. Currently has a Ramsey 8,000lb PTO winch that was narrowed to set down in between...
  8. Snowracer

    Front shackle, track bar

    know its day early for stupid question Tuesday :homer: current build has front shackles and im getting conflicting info on if i need a track bar or not. i have always been under the impression that you need one with front shackles but seems all the YJ guys say no. now im not building a yj...
  9. Mike Honcho

    Gear pattern check

    The drive side looks good imo. The coast side isn't centered between the heel and toe but is centered between the face and the flank. Any ideas on how to center up the coast side or run in?
  10. Sidekicktodd

    Snow wheeling and automatic transmission

    I was snow wheeling this weekend and smoked my th350. What’s the trick to keep these things happy in the snow. Yes my trans cooler probably needs to be bigger. I was running a 4.3 vortec 2.28 case 5.29 diff and 37s at about 3000-3500rpm in 3rd gear and it would run about 220temp and then I’d...
  11. ToyodaAddict1980

    Tell me about AGM batteries

    I need a new battery for my 1980 Toyota ( 1990 22RE). I was looking at this Super Start AGM $210 on sale. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/platinum/more-powersport/battery---automotive/battery---optional/d6cf089e3164/super-start-platinum-battery-group-size-34/ssbq/34plt I have never used an...
  12. Low cog vs ground clearance

    Hi guys, first post here. I have a samurai on 36tsls w/ 15” beadlocks. Pretty much I want to get on a sticky tire for cheap. Looking at 35” maxxis roxxzilla side by side competition tires. My samurai is allready tall- ish on 36s. Stepping down to 35s I would want to lower the suspension a...
  13. LScout800

    Hydro-assist ram causing wandering

    I have hydro-assist steering, and it works great for everything but the street. I have aligned my scout, used constructions lazers to square up both axles and put them in line with each other, I have my steering set up so that it steers the same amount in both directions, and I have the front...
  14. gt1guy

    Aluminum bushings for bushing in a tube cage tie-ins?

    Anyone know where I can buy aluminum bushings to replace the poly ones? I have a pair of 2" tie-ins that are right next to the headers and the engine mounts are in the same boat. Engine mounts are 1.75". My first thought is aluminum, but if there's another material I can get them in that can...
  15. Dana 60 carrier measurement needed

    Working on rebuilding the Dana 60 rear axle in my Chevy quadrasteer Can somebody with a regular Dana 60 take this same measurement and see if it’s the same? I’m getting 8 9/16 on this one
  16. Thrown_hammer

    Heim joint steering question.

    I have a Jeep LJ with the old Rock Krawler heim steering and want to replace the heim joints. I called Rock Krawler and the no longer sell or support my steering. He said they might have some heims for it but need to check. He also said they were specifically made for their steering and are...
  17. RunningProblem

    Bump stop can mounting

    What thickness material should I use to make a bracket for some bump stop cans? I need to have the cans move out and down so they can contact a bump pad I’ll make later. I don’t know if 1/8” or 3/16” plate is what I need. My idea is to make a 3 sided, maybe 4, bracket to lower the can and weld...
  18. No way

    Steering pump whine

    Running a full hydro ram off a stock GM car pump. Drilled the output to 5mm to get enough flow. I now have decent steering power but the pump whines like a sumbish. Any way to remedy that whining?
  19. 4l60e swap. Computer question

    2006 Silverado 1500 4.3 2wd 4l60e went out. Pulled a 4l60e out of 2010 Silverado 4.3 2wd, running and no codes. Swapped the 2010 trans into 2006 truck. Had to take the safety switch on the shifter off the 2006 bad trans and put it on the 2010 trans. Other than that it, it was like any normal...
  20. Bullitt1

    Tacoma T-case newb ??

    My son has decided that he what’s to make his 04 Tacoma a dedicated wheeler , it’s been sitting for a couple years since he exploded his second rear elocker on mild wheeling trips. I’ve got a built TJ and he’s looking at wheeling with my group and not dumping money in the fragile IFS & TRD rear...