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  1. CornCobb

    GMT900 half ton SAS

    I have been wanting to start this thread for a while. The primary focus of this build will be keeping it street legal while still being fairly capable. My previous project got so far out of hand that I resented the fact I could not drive it very often. I'm looking forward to logging my progress...
  2. chaplinfj60

    LS swap troubleshooting. no start. and solved the issue

    good afternoon all i just want to put out some of the things we learned this weekend about troubleshooting a no start issue on the 5.3 LS form a 2005 yukon, that was the donor engine for my swap. so this weeked we tried to do a test fire and make sure all the wiring was hooked up...
  3. chaplinfj60

    LS Air cleaner

    Good am so what air cleaner do you run. the simple cone 4 inch air filter hits this pulley. just trying to avoid buying the wrong one over and over. thanks again.
  4. NDCjeepsmith

    New LS intake real deal or just hype?

    What do all the LS masters think of this new intake from performance designs? Supposedly the best offering for across board gains. Question is, if this works as stated, is it worth $1k over a stock truck manifold. It does look way better and seems to have a lower profile which I like...
  5. 1Sinner

    School me on LS fuel pump setups for in tank applications

    What are the best used/take outs (or their equivalents) in the LS world from stock vehicles that are tank drop ins. That also support good HP and are high flow. Do I need regulated return? Who makes aluminum weld in tank rings for drop in pumps Camaro/corvette take outs ok (extendable pick...
  6. chaplinfj60

    LS intake threaded holes for throttle bracket

    good am, so i am getting ready to hook up my throttle bracket and on the 2005 intake there is only one threaded hole, the other two have a metal ring or something put into the plastic intsead of threads. is there a kit or do i just tap them?
  7. Im4yotas

    CA Ultra4 project powertrain: 6.0 LS 4l80e np205 hp60 and 9" -So Cal

    Edit: engine, trans and t-case are sold. Axles still for sale, $2500 Iron block 6.0 LQ4 with harness and ECU. Brand new water pump and F body oil pan/pickup tube with Felpro gasket. Complete except EGR. 4l80e trans that came out of the truck with the engine, but was originally in a van and...
  8. YotaAtieToo

    Ls swap jk belt routing help

    We're at a mountain mafia event and my buddy threw his serp belt. 07 JK with 08 caddy 6.2 ls swap. Swap was a motech kit, so assuming the brackets are motech, but not the billet ones that come up on google. We did the way pictured and it's just too short. Also tried under the crank to under ac...
  9. ryantowry_81

    long term fj40 build. 3 link, custom toyota axles, LS swap.

    so this is a long time coming. I have been slowly building these axles for roughly 11 years and 3 different states. here is what i am starting with: 73 fj40 with hard top, bikini and soft doors included. freshly rebuilt TBI 350 already wired freshly rebuilt SM465 NP205 Dana 44 front...
  10. LorneStar

    1990 Suburban LS 6.2L swap

    90 Suburban getting all new drivetrain. Any tips and tricks are welcome. This will be my first bigger project like this. 1990 Chevy V2500 Suburban LS3 Gen IV 6.2L 4L65E with Atlas Transfer Case Side note// If you want a 350/th400/np241. Let me know.
  11. LS swap expenses

    I'm considering putting a 2002 Denali 6.0 4l65e into an old truck, I'll fabricate mounts, exhaust, the rear sump should be fine, and I'll deal with hoses such. I will likely use the fuel tank and pump, and make new lines. What should I expect to pay for ecm work? Should I re work the harness...
  12. ConwayMuddy

    Less tarded ls swap

    I need to swap out the TBI 350 in my 91 turdburban, apparently the knocking wasn't a cracked flexplate :homer:. 91 burban, 350, 700r4, np241, I'm trying to figure out the least retarded way to huck a 6.0 ls in it. I have an 04 lq4 dbw sitting here, p.o. cut the harness, but I have the pedal...
  13. Rangerrod

    Dodge NV4500 to LS help

    I’ve currently got a dodge nv4500 in my cj. Running Advanced adapters amc bellhousing adapter to Jeep 4.0 using a t-176 bellhousing. getting ready to step up in power as the 4.0 is undersized. Done lots of reading but confusing info. So here’s what I think I need to mate it up to an Ls...