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2008 F250 4x4 suspension removal


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May 19, 2020
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Since I just bought a suspension off a 2008 F250, what tools do I need to remove it?

complete suspension removal, including frame brackets in front front and coil buckets.

What's the common size bolt heads on these newer truck?
I know I need a grinder and chisel/punch for rivets.

No, I haven't looked at it yet :homer:. The price was right, even if I have to rebuild them.
I'll try and borrow my buddies impact then. I've got a cheater bar for the big stuff.

I figured you would know :smokin:

edit: when you say buckles, do you mean the radius arm mount?
the factory bracket lives on it on later models with bothy brackets 2wd/4x4....some are like this.

All the brackets (leaf spring, stop, and coil buckets) are riveted to the frame. 4--8 rivets per bracket. Grinder, hammer, chisel to get those off.

Front stuff is 24mm and smaller.

Rear leaf spring bolts require an 1--3/16" or 30mm wrench/socket :eek:

or, cut with a sawzall, and watch the bolt head shoot out 3'. :laughing:

everything else is pretty normal sized stuff. lug nuts are 22mm, lots of bolts were 18mm. Tract bar mount is huge and goes halfway under the engine.

drive shaft flange is 12mm 12 point. shit's tight :lmao:

If it weren't for the one fucking bolt (and not having the socket) it's a 2-3 hour job with cordless impact/hand tools, and 2-3 people.
Rear too?.... I took it as dropping the coils and arms shocks and steering Trac bar.

I have seen the rad arm brackets several ways depending on year and chassis style....I had pictures of 3 setups...but only found that one. It blows my mind there is a variance like that. The high count rear springs are heavy as fawk too on the cab and chassis.

Have installed several types of lifts and none were the same.
As far as I know, that truck was all factory - right down to the loss of compression in the 6.4 :laughing:

The 4 packs springs are a heavy muther though - took two of us to throw it on the trailer. If I can go back and grab the mounts, I should get a much better ride over my '95 springs. I think the radius arms on the front are fully 12" longer than the ones I made :smokin:

That suspension has some serious beef to it for a factory setup. 1-1/2" track bar, 1-1/4" sway bar, 3--1/2" axles tubes.... The 1/2" diameter rear sway bar is just hilarious though :lmao:
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