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05 2500 SAS, The Red Rocket


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May 27, 2020
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Morgantown, WV
I'm going to attempt to copy and paste some highlights of this build from PBB. I hope to keep posting in both until I decide which one I prefer.
here is the origional thread. https://www.pirate4x4.com/threads/05...ocket.2640442/

what I started with


the build is still in progress but here are the highlights

NWF Ecobox and NV271F
05+ SD60 with 5.38s, lunch box locker, 1550 shafts, Artec weld on steering arms, barnes truss.
factory 14b rear, lunchbox locker, 13 bolt cover
3 link front with 12" 2.5 fox coilovers, KMC offroad 2" bumps
2011+ superduty steering box
40" milestar patagonias on dirty life beadlocks
1410 CV front drive shaft from High Angle Driveline

as of now the future holds a 4 link rear, shortened wheelbase and a flat bed once the front is done with.
I have a cam, valve springs and a TBSS intake for the LQ4. the 4l80E got a Transgo HD2 kit and the truck was tuned by 150tunes.



I am currently working on fitting a winters shifter and JB fab twin sticks into the center console.

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not much has been going on with the truck, i've been staying busy with yard work and actual work though. I finally got my front driveshaft from high angle and I ordered up a winch. I plan to get some work done on the truck when i get some days off. I would like to have the interior back together and the shifters buttoned up before i move it out of the garage to start the rear.
Looking good. I still debate doing something similar to my lbz, or getting a 2500 suburban and building it.
Ill try to make some progress and get more pics when I go on days off next week, I work a 2 week on and 2 week off schedule but I cant get much done while I'm working

Not much to update. The D60 is under the truck, the front drive shaft is in, and im still trying to find tue time to finish up the shifters. I decided to put a new deck on my house and that has been taking up most of my free time.

No updates, I’ve been wasting my time working on my house. My dumb ass decided to rip the back deck off my house and build a new one which has taken much more time and money than I anticipated.

How are you supporting the 271 portion of your ecobox doubler?
I contemplated doing the same
with mine but was worried about the stress on the aluminum case.
You are going to use the same material on the bushing you are adding as well?
We’re working short shifts at work this week so I decided to come home and spend some time on the truck since it’s pouring the rain down. I got the shifters all mounted up in their final resting place. I’ve got some seals-it grommets to put in them hook up the cables.
Not much to update but I got some time to work on the truck yesterday. I finally got my stupid deck project done so I hope progress on the truck picks up.

I pulled the crossmember out and reworked the link mounts to clean them up a little bit but then also make some drive shaft clearance.



Then while the paint was drying I cut down the JB custom Fab bracket so it would fit correctly to pull on the 271. Nothing major here, just took out 3/8” so the holes line up.

My new longer cable for the 271 showed up last night so I hope to get that changed today and then maybe get the interior back in the truck. The last thing I did was order some hardware in preparation to build the 271’s support brace.

Found some time to get into the garage today. I got the crossmember put back up into place and changed out my shifter cable which sucked ass. This is my only complaint about the JB shifters. They make the mechanism so small that you can’t turn the jam nuts to tighten them down. I ended up grinding down one of the nuts and just used my trusty knipex pliers to tighten it up. After I got the center console back in I realized my transmission cable was 3’ too short so I got the new one in order.




Today I managed to knock out a few small things. I tightened up all my steering links and cycled everything with a tire on each side to make sure everything would clear. I had to do some trimming but the 40s fit great and all my steering stuff is now sorted out. I had some issues with the heims on the tierod bounding up because they didn’t have enough room to roll over after I got them spaced properly. The spacers are because I had some issues with the drag link touching the tierod at full flex. That’s what I get for buying 1.75” steering links. Here are some random pictures I snapped while checking the steering out.







Sweet updates. That’s gonna be a beefy ass mount/brace for the 271.
Thanks, I plan on trimming it down a good bit but its easier to take metal off than to put it back on lol
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